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A soft-bodied monster covered in slime. Although humanoid in appearance, it has no skeleton.


Mindflayers are a genus of monster in Final Fantasy Tactics that resemble robed squids. Their primary races, such as the Piscodaemon, are relatively weak, but the higher classes pack powerful spells that can turn the player's party against each other. They have the ability to absorb Water-based attacks, but are weak to Lightning-based attacks.


Rank I
Piscodaemon (Pisco Demon)

Piscodaemons are common enemies throughout the game. They lack the attack power and abilities to be a powerful enemy.

Rank II
Squidraken (Squidlarkin)

Blue Squidrakens can put a dent in the player's positive status enhancements with their "Dischord" move.

Rank III
Mindflayer (Mindflare)

Mindflayers can decimate closely-grouped allies with their "Mind Blast" attack. Thankfully, they have low movement and evasion stats.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Innate Abilities Common Poach Rare Poach
Piscodaemon 3 3 8% Waterbreathing, Counter Echo Herbs Hi-Potion
Squidraken 3 3 9% Waterbreathing, Counter Shoulder Cape Sleep Blade
Mindflayer 3 3 9% Waterbreathing, Counter Hi-Ether Vampire Cape


The damage formula for Tentacles is as follows:

The formula for the success of status-inflicting attacks are as follows:

Ability Piscodaemon Squidraken Mindflayer Range Effect Vertical
Tentacles Yes Yes Yes 1 1 2
Attack with long, thin, whip-like tentacles.
Ink No* Yes Yes 2 (Four directions) 1 Infinite
Rob the target of sight by belching black ink.
Effect: Blind
Dischord No Yes No Auto 3 1
Nullify status effects by producing uncanny sound waves.
Removes: Float, Reraise, Invisible, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste, Faith, Reflect
Mind Blast No No* Yes 3 2 1
Disrupt the psyche, destroying the rational mind.
Effect: Confuse, Berserk
Level Drain No No No* 4 1 Infinite
Abscond with a fragment of the soul, lowering the target's level by 1.

*Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Beastmaster" support ability is nearby.



Mindflayers, or "Illithids," are a race found in Dungeons & Dragons. They appear humanoid, with heads that resemble octopuses, and frequently are found in the Underdark. They have fearsome psychic powers, subsist on a diet comprised of the brain tissue of sapient beings, and often enslave other races.

Piscodaemons are daemons in Dungeons & Dragons. The term is a combination of Latin piscis (fish) and “demon”.