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Minako Kotobuki.

Minako Kotobuki (寿 美菜子, Kotobuki Minako, born September 17, 1991) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer from Hyogo Prefecture. She voices Serah Farron from the Lightning Saga.


Title Character Release
Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron 2009
Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise- Fabula Nova Dramatica Alpha Serah Farron 2010
Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise- Fabula Nova Dramatica Omega Serah Farron 2010
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah Farron 2011
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron 2013
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Serah Farron 2017
Final Fantasy Type-0 Kasumi Tobuki 2011
Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light Aru 2017
Brave Father Online Aru 2019
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition Lulie 2020


Born in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, at the age of three years, Kotobuki, along with her parents, was caught up in the Kobe earthquake. Not long after having seen a 1997 Japanese film entitled Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi ("The Day the Earth Moved"), all of these events inspired Kotobuki to pursue a career in voice acting.

Kotobuki's most notable role in the span of her voice acting career is Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On!. She has also played various popular voice roles such as Karina Lyle/Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny, Mitsuko Kongō from the Index and Railgun anime series, Yūko Nishi from A Channel, and Natsumi Aizawa from Natsuiro Kiseki.


She is best known for providing voices for Kotobuki Tsumugi in K-On!, Atsuko and Ellie in Pokemon.

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