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The Mina is a weapon in Final Fantasy XII. It is the ultimate dagger added in the Zodiac versions. It is obtained as a rare drop from the Larva Eater, who instead dropped the Danjuro in the original version.

The Mina outclasses all other daggers in all stats besides the Main Gauche, which puts extra emphasis on Evasion. In addition to being the most powerful weapon for the Shikari, the Mina can also inflict instant death on the enemies that it strikes, at a rate far greater than all other death-inflicting weapons, and twice as likely to defeat an enemy than the Death spell (without the Indigo Pendant equipped). In other games this might be a drawback when used against undead enemies, but death does not heal the undead in Final Fantasy XII.


Mina is a rare drop from Larva Eater, a poach from Overlord on Stage 72 of the Trial Mode, and a rare steal from Evil Spirit on Stage 88 of the Trial Mode.

From Larva Eater[]

The Larva Eater is one of the toughest enemies to spawn, mainly because of the criteria required to spawn it. Refer to the Spawning tips section of its article for more information.

It is possible to chain the Larva Eater, and doing so greatly improves the player's chances of receiving the ultimate dagger. Some Reapers might be found floating around the Larva Eater and the player can cast Vanishgha to make sure not to break the Larva Eater chain by accident.

A trick to maximize the chances of getting the dagger beforehand, is to chain the Gargoyle Barons around the Trimahla Water-Steps, the Aadha Water-Steps and Gate of Fire areas of Giruvegan until achieving the maximum chain level. After doing that, the player should choose which method they want to use to try and spawn the Larva Eater, either by clearing out the Necrophobes or Mom Bombs.

Starting with the Necrophobes trick, the player should enter the Great Crystal and begin clearing them out at the Leo Gate Stone without breaking the chain. To clear the Necrophobes without breaking the chain level, the player must create gambits which only allow regular reduction of a Necrophobe's HP until about 10,000 HP–5,000 HP remaining or less. Too much damage output and a HP>? = Attack gambit set too low can lead to accidental, chain-breaking kills.

Another set of gambits at a higher priority should be used to put weakened Necrophobes to Sleep and then also cast Poison to finish them off (as Poison kills do not break chains). If too many Necrophobes are resisting the Sleep/Poison, one can consider using the Nihopalaoa trick, or use the Indigo Pendant. Using this pre-chain level method, one can start with a 12% drop rate at maximum chain level for a Danjuro/Mina, instead of just 3% with no chain level, while hunting Larva Eater(s).

To maximize Larva Eater's spawn and possibly get the dagger by using the Mom Bombs to spawn it, the following plan can be used. The player should have a Flame Shield and Adamant Hat for protection against Fire; a Ribbon, Nihopalaoa (to Remedy the Larva Eater), Cameo Belt (it parries often) and Indigo Pendant (always inflict Bleed and Poison) for maximum preparation.

The player should chain the Gargoyle Baron without taking the loot for a quick chaining upgrade to level 4, and prepare gambits to prevent a chain-break in the Great Crystal. After reaching Waystone XX (A Vikaari Sirhru) the player should down Mom Bombs with Poison and Bleed to keep the chain (other HP-reducing magicks and skills, such as 1000 Needles and Graviga, are also useful, although it is riskier to break the chain), or wait until they use Self-Destruct.

It could be a good time to steal Glimmering Robes from the Crystal Knight if not slain, and Books of Orgain-Cent from Reapers. After 17 rounds (+1 extra bomb) circling around the four areas 256 bombs have been taken down. The player can now slay the Larva Eater. Repeating the circling process makes it respawn.

In The Zodiac Age version, the player can reload their last auto-save if the Larva Eater doesn't drop the weapon, and try again.


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Mīna, or Meena, is a month in Indian solar calendar. It corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Pisces, and overlaps with about the later half of March and about the early half of April in the Gregorian calendar.

It is called Shikari's Nagasa F in the Japanese version, with all the letters at the ends of the newly added ultimate weapons spelling out "FINAL FANTASY".