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The Mina is a weapon in Final Fantasy XII. It is the ultimate dagger added in the Zodiac versions. It is obtained as a rare drop from the Larva Eater, who instead dropped the Danjuro in the original version.

The Mina outclasses all other daggers in all stats besides the Main Gauche, which puts extra emphasis on Evasion. In addition to being the most powerful weapon for the Shikari, the Mina can also inflict instant death on the enemies that it strikes, at a rate far greater than all other death-inflicting weapons, and twice as likely to defeat an enemy than the Death spell. In other games this might be a drawback when used against undead enemies, but death does not heal the undead in this game.


Mina is a rare drop from Larva Eater, or a poach from Overlord on Stage 72 of the Trial Mode.

The Larva Eater is one of the toughest enemies to spawn, mainly because its triggering sequence is still hardly understood. It is believed to spawn in all of the waystone areas of the Great Crystal.

To spawn the Larva Eater, the player needs to clear out the Necrophobes in the area with the Leo Gate Stone. It is important to allow at least 5 of the Necrophobes to divide, resulting in 45 Necrophobes in the area that the player must defeat. After all of the Necrophobes have been defeated, the player should keep zoning between the area with the Leo Gate Stone and the Waystone XIV area until Larva Eater appears in the Waystone XIV. If the Larva Eater does not drop the Mina, the player can zone two areas away from the Waystone XIV area (through the Leo Gate Stone area so the Necrophobes do not respawn), return to the Leo Gate Stone area and again start zoning between the Leo Gate Stone area and the Waystone XIV area until the Larva Eater reappears in the Waystone XIV.

The exact circumstances which induce the spawning of Larva Eater are not fully understood. There have been several anomalies regarding the above method to spawn the Larva Eater—one of these is the frequent spawning of a Larva Eater at Waystone XX right after spawning a Larva Eater at Waystone XIV. It is thought that the spawning of Larva Eaters is possible within any 2–3 zones from the Leo Gate Stone area. Therefore, this means it is possible to spawn the Larva Eater by zoning between the Leo Gate Stone area and the Leo Barrier 1 area.

Another way to spawn the Larva Eater is to bring down 256 foes in a same zone (without using a waystone during the chain). The Larva Eater's spawning can be triggered when chaining the Mom Bomb around Waystone XX 256 times. The trick is to travel from Waystone XX (A Vikaari Sirhru) to the Sagittarius Gate Stone (Sthaana Sagittarius) and back in a circle fashion for a total of four key areas. Each three area apart from the Waystone XX area contain five Mom Bombs.

Multiply this amount 17 times and 255 enemies have been taken down. If one would want to chain the Larva Eater, Mom Bombs could be taken down via Bleed and Toxify spells, or wait for them to Self-Destruct. Again, the Larva Eater should spawn around Waystone XX once 256 bombs are taken down. A short guide to spawning and chaining the Larva Eater can be found below in the additional tips.

The official explanation of the creature's behavior is that it can spawn at any of waystones III-X, XIII-XVII and XX, it will do so for the first time after 256 enemies have been killed since the last time a Waystone was activated, and subsequently after the next 30–255 kills. This might go some way to explaining why players find such variability in its spawning conditions.

It is possible to chain the Larva Eater, and doing so greatly improves the player's chances of receiving the Mina. Some Reapers might be found floating around the Larva Eater and the player can cast Vanishga to make sure not to break the Larva Eater chain by accident.

The player can reload their last auto-save if the Larva Eater doesn't drop Mina, and try again.



Mīna, or Meena, is a month in Indian solar calendar. It corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Pisces, and overlaps with about the later half of March and about the early half of April in the Gregorian calendar.

It is called Shikari's Nagasa F in the Japanese version, with all the letters at the ends of the newly added ultimate weapons spelling out "FINAL FANTASY".

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