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Mimidoa Nanadoa is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV.


Final Fantasy XIV legacy[]

As a young boy, Mimidoa spent some time serving as a cabin boy for Captain Rycharde Mistbeard, a famous pirate. Mimidoa himself claims that he lost his hearing with the sound of cannons and guns in Mistbeard's service, particularly when the crew went hunting for sirens. Mimidoa and the captain himself were the only survivors of the trip in question, if Mimidoa did participate.

Mimidoa in original Final Fantasy XIV.

Mimidoa spends his days working for Naldiq & Vymelli's, and his nights partying with pretty women. He tutors the adventurer when they join the Blacksmiths' guild side of Naldiq & Vymelli's, telling them what to craft.

After rumors of a siren emerge in the waters of Limsa Lominsa, sailors are afraid to sail and end up seduced by the siren's song. Mimidoa provides windwheels claiming that this can keep the siren away. Due to the siren crisis, the Kinghts of the Barracuda makes a colossal request for cannons to fight the beast of the seas and Mimidoa asks the adventurer for help to resolve the situation before the Knights of the Barracuda does anything.

After arriving on the island of rumors, the adventurer crafts ear plugs to prevent singing. Upon investigating, the pair discover that the siren's singing was just a misunderstanding and that the music was coming from a party on the island. The adventurer loses consciousness as soon as he arrives at the place and when he wakes up, Mimidoa says he has solved the situation. Afterwards with echo, the adventurer discovers that Mimidoa knew the situation and that Mimidoa himself had provided the singers with a contraption capable of seducing people with singing this being the cause of his fainting.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

After the calamity, Mimidoa was dispatched to Aleport to oversee the work carried out at Pharos Sirius. However, all artisans abandoned their work or simply disappeared, probably due to rumors of an undead infestation. Upon discovering that the Warrior of Light wishes to visit the Isles of Umbra, Mimidoa offers a ticket to the island in exchange for the Warrior of Light to investigate the rumors.

According to Mimidoa, a siren is behind the recent problems and that they must stop the creature. Mimidoa supplies a pair of brass earplugs and orders the Warrior of Light to accompany him to the ship graveyard. Mimidoa prepares a large fire for the flames to attract the siren to the coast. Siren emerges and begins to sing her seductive song and sends ashkin to face the Warrior of Light, who manages to make her retreat to the depths where she came from. Mimidoa applauds her performance and proclaims that the siren should not return to the Isles of Umbra for some time.

After the siren returns and takes control of Pharos Sirius, Mimidoa asks the Warrior of Light for help so that he and his apprentice Diamanda can continue their work.


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During an instance in the Blacksmith and Armorer quest "The Sound of Silence" in version 1.0, the adventurer accompanied Mimidoa while collecting specific items to deliver to several NPCs around the island.

Triple Triad[]

Mimidoa is a npc available for Triple Triad matches added in patch 2.51. He is located at Lower La Noscea (25.1, 35.0). To challenge him the player needs to complete the History Repeating History Repeating quest.

The matches have the Match Rule Three Open. The possible rewards for defeating him are Biggs & Wedge Card Biggs & Wedge Card and Siren Card Siren Card.