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This mimic relative gleams and glitters in the light. Its pigtails are actually extendable drills. Considering its faux chest-bits are made of solid gold, you could probably cash it in for more than whatever else you thought was inside... But mimics have feelings. They aren't yours to sell!—Mimic Civil Liberties Union
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Mimic Jackpot is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


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Mako Reactor 0 Edit

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Location Formation
Mako Reactor 0 - Sector 2 Mimic Jackpot (Monster-in-a-box)
Mako Reactor 0 - Sector 4 Mimic Jackpot (Monster-in-a-box)
Nine Wood Hills - Plaza 99 - Murkrift Mimic Jackpot
EX Dungeon B - Area 3 Mimic Jackpot (Monster-in-a-box)

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Mimic is the process of observing and replicating another's behavior, also called imitation.

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