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A Mirage disguised as a treasure chest to surprise unwary treasure hunters. There's no escaping one in battle. The poor thing has developed serious identity issues, but hey, that's the job. Also, let's make it official: the mimic has no relation to that other famous mimic in our game lineup.
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Mimic is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


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Saronia Docks Edit

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Location Formation
Saronia Docks - Station 1 Mimic (Monster-in-a-box)
Saronia Docks - Station 3 Mimic (Monster-in-a-box)
Intervention Quest - Treasure Island, Ahoy! Mimic x3
Intervention Quest - I Hate Lightning! Mimic (Battle 1)
EX Dungeon A - Area 4 Mimic (Monster-in-a-box)


Mimic is the process of observing and replicating another's behavior, also called imitation.

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