Mimics, or ???, are enemies in Final Fantasy X found in the Omega Ruins. They are named so for their behavior of mimicking treasure chests and the shapes of fiends they take on. There are four different shapes of the Mimic, each with a different set of strengths and weaknesses. When encountering them in a battle (always with a Zaurus), they will show up in the form of a treasure chest.

The player must steal from it (not mug, as it will destroy the chest), and if there is nothing to steal, it will change into one of the four types of Mimics, a fiendish look-alike from a pile of bones, rocks, and other debris.

It is one of the few enemies that cannot be captured for the Monster Arena.

Stats[edit | edit source]

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Battle[edit | edit source]

Mimics are one of the best sources of gil with each one dropping 50,000 gil, double that if a party member has the weapon ability Gillionaire. A battle with a Mimic will never start with an Ambush or a Preemptive Strike. On these conditions, the chest will always have an item.

Once a Mimic is active in battle, the party will be unable to escape until it is defeated. The Copycat Special ability is disabled once Mimic reveals its true form.

  • Mimic (1): Takes on the shape of Ruminant fiends. Has the highest Strength and HP out of the four shapes. Both physical and magic attacks will work, as its defensive stats are low.
  • Mimic (2): This one is in the shape of Mech machina. Has the lowest Strength out of all the shapes, but good Defense, Magic Defense, and the highest Speed. Using either physical or magic attacks against it will work.
  • Mimic (3): This Mimic is in the shape of the large Roc fiends. Has the highest Defense out of all the shapes but low Magic Defense, so magic is best used on it. If a Roc-type Mimic is the last enemy in battle to be defeated, the player must wait for the enemy model to reach the ground for the battle to end.
  • Mimic (4): In the shape of the Basilisk fiends. Highest Magic Defense, but low Defense, so it is best beaten down with weapons.

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