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Mimic is Gogo's unique character ability in Final Fantasy VI. It causes Gogo to repeat the last action taken by a party member, without consuming any MP or other consumables, besides gil in case of Gil Toss. This can be extremely potent in allowing the user to repeat powerful attacks used by another party member, for little cost.

The command is the second appearance in the Final Fantasy series, after the Mimic command from Final Fantasy V that functioned similarly.


When mimicking spell use (including espers), Gogo uses no MP, and when mimicking item use or throw, no items are expended from the inventory. However, mimicking Gil Toss still uses up gil. If Mimic is used directly after Interceptor counterattacks for Shadow, Gogo will call Interceptor for the same attack. Gogo cannot mimic Desperation Attacks. If nobody has taken any action yet, and Gogo uses Mimic, Attack will be used.

Mimic will always be included in Gogo's command menu. In the Pixel Remaster port, giving Gogo the Attack command will move Mimic below Attack.


Due to Gogo's stats, and limited equipment section being more focused on magic, Gogo benefits most from using Mimic in combination with powerful magic-based attacks, or ones with consumables. These include powerful spells, such as Ultima or Meltdown (which can be used with Dualcast), but also all of Shadow's Throw abilities, as no item will be expended. Though throwing scrolls still uses Gogo's Magic stat, physical-based throws will use Gogo's less than stellar Strength.

To benefit Mimic most, Gogo should boost the Magic stat by leveling up with magicite equipped to boost Magic. Strength can also be a benefit, though is a luxury.

The downside to using Mimic is that it requires coordination between attacks, as it requires the player to time Gogo's use of the command after the ability intended to be mimicked. As such, while Mimic can be used effectively to mimic unique character abilities (such as Sabin's Blitz abilities, especially Phantom Rush, or Edgar's Tools commands, especially Drill and Chainsaw), the player can simply equip these skillsets to Gogo's own command menu and use them more reliably than having to time Mimic. Mimic can still be beneficial for Blitz however, as it does not require the player to use the Blitz button input after the first one.