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Skilled mimics who can copy allies' actions perfectly


The Mime is a job in Final Fantasy V. It is a secret job found late in the game. If the jobs found at the Sealed Temple are excluded, the Mime is the only job that is optional.

In the Merged World the player can take the submarine south of the Phoenix Tower desert and dive to find the sunken Walse Tower. At the bottom the player can find a shard of the Water Crystal. Defeating Famed Mimic Gogo earns the Mime job. The player has seven minutes to complete this.

Mastering Mime for all four characters in the mobile and Steam versions earns the player the achievement "Master of Mimicry".


The Mime job looks the same as the Freelancer, except each character wears spaulders and a cape.


Mimic has the Mime repeat the previous action with no MP consumption.[note 1] However:

  • Mimicking an item does not cause another of that item to be used up.[note 2]
  • Mimicking Animals, Dance, and Terrain will still result in a random action.
  • Mimicking Odin will still choose randomly between Gungnir and Zantetsuken.
  • Mimicking Zeninage still uses up money.
  • The character will mimic Defend.
  • The mimicked action is dependent on the Mime's stats, not the character they are mimicking.

The Mime has three ability slots. If the character has no abilities equipped, they only have the Mimic command. The player will have to equip the Attack and Items commands separately, although a better idea is to equip Dualcast and two magic commands instead. Mime is the best job for spellcasters end-game, since they can equip two sets of spells along with Dualcast instead of one.

The Blue Magic Goblin Punch is the same as Attack for most purposes, and costs no MP. With the Equip X and Attack commands, the Mime will become a battle Mime. If the player has learned Aim, Mug, Open Fire or Mineuchi, they can be used instead of Attack, since they act the same with added bonuses. Rapid Fire can also go in this slot. Focus can be used as well, although using it takes some time.

The Mime, just like the Freelancer job, gains every innate support ability from every job the character has mastered, except the Berserker's Berserk, the Necromancer's Undead, and the "Equip X" abilities. It also gains the stat bonuses, but not the penalties (such as the boosted Magic Power of a mage with none of the reduced Strength), making it versatile.


The stat modifiers for Mimes are:

  • Strength: 0 (maximum +26, Monk / Gladiator) (alternative +21, Berserker)
  • Agility: 0 (maximum +16, Thief)
  • Stamina: 0 (maximum +26, Monk) (alternative +25, Berserker)
  • Magic: 0 (maximum +36, Oracle) (alternative +33, Summoner)

Level-up abilities[]

Level 1 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Mimic
Advance Name Mimic
Anthology Name Mime
AP Required 999
Type Command
Innate Y
Description Mimic an ally's previous action.
Information Lets any job use the Mimic command.

Galuf's sprite[]

Galuf the Mime.

Because the job can only be obtained after he is no longer in the party, the developers did not create a Mime sprite for Galuf on the Super Famicom, having left the sprite sheet for the Mime job blank within his job graphic data. By using a cheating device to obtain the Mime job early, players who make Galuf use it will render him invisible.

For the Game Boy Advance version, the developers assigned two of Galuf's Freelancer sprites on the job menu, the standstill and victory sprites, but he will still be invisible if the player uses it during battle. However, artwork and a bitmap image were created for Galuf as a Mime at an early stage of development, as shown in the 25th Anniversary Memorial Ultimania.



A mime or mime artist is someone who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art, involving miming, or the acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech.


  1. In the American Game Boy Advance version of Final Fantasy V, if a party member casts the Time Magic spell Meteor, and then a Mime copies that spell, that Mimic will spend the 42 MP it costs to cast that spell. If said Mimic has less than 42 MP (or 21 if equipped with a Gold Hairpin), it will fail to cast Meteor.
  2. This is true in at least the GBA version