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Receive more Gil after battle.


Millionaire is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Quina that allows the party to earn more gil from battles for a cost of 5 Magic Stones.


Millionaire is learned from the Yellow Scarf for 100 AP. It can be synthesized in Lindblum even before Quina is recruited, and is also found in Cleyra's cathedral.


Millionaire makes the party gain 1.5x the normal amount of gil after battle, even from fled battles with Flee-Gil.


Millionaire helps make the funds for shops, synthesis, and the Treno Auction House, but having more money can actually become a detriment for Amarant's Spare Change. Even in that case, the player could spend the excess on buying weapons for his Throw. It is helpful to have savings on-hand, and so if Quina has the Magic Stones to spare, Millionaire is a good ability for them to equip. Quina spends a lot of time out of the party until the player gets the Blue Narciss, so when they are around, the player can make use of their unique ability to earn more gil from battles, as Zidane's Steal Gil is fairly useless in how minor the gains are with it.

The best gil farming enemy is Gimme Cat met near Daguerreo on the world map.