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Milisandia is a non-player character in the Sorrow of Werlyt questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. She serves as one of the pilots in the weapons project.


Early life[]

Milisandia as a child.

Milisandia was orphaned at a young age when an epidemic killed her parents, she was begging on street corners for food until she was later fostered by Gaius van Baelsar and raised alongside others in an imperial orphanage. Over time she became close to Alfonse, Allie, Ricon, and Rex and as children shared how they came to meet Gaius and all decided to thank him by joining the Garlean military. They wanted to do this in order to follow in his footsteps and have citizens look up to them as they do him.

Meeting Rhitahtyn before being drafted into the VIIth Legion.

Milisandia met her friend Avilina in the XIVth Imperial Legion and became fast friends due to being drafted from the same occupied territory and having a lot in common. Milisandia and her foster siblings were sent to fight in Eorzea, but before doing so they traveled to Werlyt to say goodbye to Avilina and hoped to see Gaius before leaving. Livia sas Junius forbade them from doing so, and in his stead Rhitahtyn sas Arvina went out to meet them. She was then drafted into the VIIth Imperial Legion alongside with her siblings.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Milisandia was the first pilot to test the weapons project, where she takes the prototype Ruby Weapon to the Ghimlyt Dark in an attempt to break the stalemate between the Alliance and Garlemald. The Weapon is intercepted by the Warrior of Light at Cinder Drift and the two engage in battle. She is surprised at how fast the weapon can move but is still able to control it and continues fighting. Before she can be defeated she prepares an Ultima spell at max power until she is stopped by the Warrior of Light. With no other options she activates Oversoul, spending her final moments in pure agony as she has her life's essence slowly drained from her and becoming fused with the weapon's core. The weapon had a defect however where the combat data overtook her mind and transformed her body into a grotesque version of Nael van Darnus, which is then defeated.

Milisandia is seen once again as a simulated memory within the diamond weapon, she appears alongside the other weapon test subject as Alfonse crushes Valens van Varro. After his defeat Gaius is given a memory core for Allie, and simulations of her are shown around Werlyt as an adult and a child. Within the memory core, Milisandia and her foster siblings give a farewell to Allie, and state that they will always be by her side before fading away.



Milisandia is a raen Au Ra with red hair with pink highlights that is down to her shoulders and has dark purple skin. Milisandia is seen wearing Late Allagan Armor of Scouting dyed red when piloting the Ruby Weapon. In an echo flashback she is seen wearing an imperial halfrobe, and when she was a child she had peach hair and wore a light brown robe.


As a child she was despondent and introverted at first, but through the guidance of Alfonse, the eldest of the orphans, she grew to become more assertive and self-assured.[1]


The Ruby Weapon.

Milisandia appears in the level 80 Trial Cinder Drift Cinder Drift where she pilots the Ruby Weapon and again as a superboss in its extreme version.



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