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Miles is a minor character from Final Fantasy: Unlimited. She is a tomboyish lieutenant of Knave in the Comodeen. She is often seen directing the soldiers into carrying out their orders. She wields a pan-flute version of the blowguns the generic members use.


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In the first half of the series, Miles has a very minor role. Her only distinctive actions are giving Ai Hayakawa a new set of clothes and assisting the rest of the Comodeen in their duties.

In the second half, she is seen more often. She is responsible for the aiming of the armaments aboard the submarine Jane. During the first part of the Ocean Puzzle, (the episode Kigen Summon: Behind the Smile), she attempts to answer the mermaid's riddles alongside her commander, Knave, and Lisa Pacifist, but fails in this.

Later, when Cid is transformed into a frog, she discovers the frog form, and attempts to make a sandwich out of him. However this proves the opportunity for Cid to kiss a maiden, thus breaking the spell and allowing him to steer them to safety, while leaving her giggling to herself on the kitchen floor.

After this incident she is seen to be far more protective of him, agreeing with him enthusiastically at any given opportunity. In the climax, it is first believed that she perished along with the rest of the Comodeen aboard Jane. However, this is not the case; somehow the crew survived, managed to return to their headquarters, and retrieve the airship Silvia so that they could rescue those captured by Earl Tyrant.

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