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Raises physical attack power.


Might is a Wht Mag spell in Final Fantasy IX for Eiko, used to raise a target's physical attack power. Might is vulnerable to Reflect and would work with Return Magic were enemies to use it on the player party; Lamia and Iron Man use it upon themselves.


Eiko learns Might from Priest's Racket, synthesized in the Black Mage Village in the endgame, and Hamelin, bought from Esto Gaza and Daguerreo before going through the Shimmering Island portal. The earliest the player can use it by buying the Hamelin after the events in Desert Palace and then waiting until after the events in Mount Gulug to equip it to Eiko.


Might raises one target's Strength stat for the duration of the battle by the following formula:

The effect lasts for the entire battle, even if the character is KO'd and revived. The effect stacks but Strength caps at 99. In these regards, Might could be seen as the counterpart to Vivi's Focus, which similarly raises his Magic Power for the duration of the battle. Because Might is a stat raise and not a status, the benefit is not removed with Dispel.

The support ability that affects Might is Reflect-Null, which allows Might to pierce target's Reflect.

In Eiko's Trance, Wht Mag turns into Dbl Wht where Eiko can cast two spells on her turn. The spells cost MP and expend the Trance gauge independently.


Might makes physical attackers stronger, and thus is great to bestow onto Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant, and possibly Quina, especially during long battles, such as boss battles. However, by the endgame, these party members may have good fixed damage abilities they may use instead to reach 9,999 damage or close per their turn. Using Might on Steiner and/or Amarant might be the most worthwhile as they lack fixed damage abilities, and Steiner's Shock is expensive MP-wise; Might may help him reach the damage cap with a different move or with his normal attack.

In Trance, Eiko can bestow Might to two party members in one go, or use Might twice on the same person as the effect stacks.