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Migelo is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XII. He owns the shop Migelo's Sundries in Rabanastre, and caters big events. He looks after Vaan and Penelo, letting the two run errands for him to make some money.

Migelo's sprite is unlocked in the Sky Pirate's Den after having sold 1,000 pieces of Loot, granting the player the title of Privateer.



Migelo, the hard working bangaa.

Migelo is a blue adult bangaa. With his bushy white mustache and goatee, he appears to be quite old. Migelo stands out as blue, which is an unusual color for a bangaa, since most of them tend to be green, gray or brown, suggesting he may be a mixed breed. He has brown eyes, which also seem to be a bit wider than the norm for bangaa, as many generally have narrower eyes.


Migelo is an example of the "wise elder" archetype. He lectures Vaan on how the jobs he considers to be pointless are still jobs, wanting to pass on his knowledge to others. When conversing with Vayne, Migelo prefers to show respect rather than contempt, much to Vaan's chagrin. Migelo is kindhearted, giving jobs to the orphans who live in Rabanastre and takes in children who lost their families. He becomes attached to those children as well, as he is willing to confront Balthier about how it was his fault Penelo was kidnapped, and how it thus falls to him to save her.


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Final Fantasy XII[]

Migelo gives Vaan an errand.

Migelo is one of the people responsible for taking care of Vaan and Penelo since their respective families perished, having cared for them like they were his own. He bears an especially fatherly affection towards Penelo. Migelo has his business to consider, and sends the two out on errands from time to time. Migelo also takes care of the street urchin Kytes, a good friend to all of them.

Migelo is responsible for catering Vayne Solidor's fete as Vayne is introduced as the new Consul for Dalmasca. The bangaa introduces himself to the Consul, but is uneasy with Vayne's informal attitude asking Migelo to refer to him by his first name. Migelo bows his head in acceptance, leading to Vaan's criticism of Migelo's willingness to cater to the Consul's will.

Migelo approaches Balthier.

When Penelo is kidnapped by Ba'Gamnan, Migelo approaches Balthier in the Sandsea Inn and demands that he rescue her, as Penelo was kidnapped due to the bounty hunters mistaking her as someone close to Balthier. It is not required for Vaan to return to Migelo after saving Penelo from the headhunters, but should he do so, Migelo will give both him and Penelo his blessing to continue their adventure. He concedes that the pair were getting older and were bound to leave him eventually, but is both surprised and proud they are on such a quest, traveling Ivalice. Migelo wishes them luck and reminds them that he may not be able to aid them in battle, but he will always have sundries to sell.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Tomaj mentions that after the party chased Mydia to Ivalice and Tomaj visited Rabanastre, he encountered Migelo. Tomaj says that even though the bangaa was worried about Vaan and Penelo, he gave Tomaj a better reception than he got at the Sandsea.

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Migelo is voiced by Shirō Saitō in the Japanese version.

His English voice actor is John DiMaggio, who also voices Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy XII and Wakka and Kimahri in Final Fantasy X. DiMaggio's performance as Migelo has been praised by the localization team as being able to give his own flair to the characters he was voicing while simultaneously able to match the lip animations.[2]



Migelo may refer to "Miguel", the Portuguese and Spanish form of the name Michael.