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Midlight Shard.

A Judge Magister there was... 2 years past, he took the Midlight Shard and used it not knowing what he did... and Nabudis was blown away.

The Midlight Shard is a piece of deifacted nethicite from Final Fantasy XII, cut from the Sun-Cryst by Dynast King Raithwall. It was given to the ruling house of Nabradia; should the King of Nabradia die, the Midlight Shard would be left to the King's heir. However, with the death of Prince Rasler Heios Nabradia, the King's son, during the Siege of Nalbina Fortress, the Midlight Shard is left heirless.

The Midlight Shard remained in the possession of the House of Nabradia until the Archadian invasion. Wanting to test its power, Dr. Cid ordered Judge Zecht to take it to Nabudis, annihilating the city, and draining the Mist within the stone. The stone returned to Cid's possession until at the Pharos, when he integrates it back into the Sun-Cryst.