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Midlight's Deep.

This dungeon extends untold reaches beneath the keep. The creature that waits in its depths is said to possess the power to defy the gods themselves.


Midlight's Deep is a secret dungeon in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings only available in the US and PAL version. Echoing the Midlight's Deep of Final Fantasy Tactics, this dungeon features the hardest challenges in the game. It is located in the Keep of Forgotten Time.

Only after the defeat of Feolthanos in Chapter 9 does Midlight's Deep become available for exploration. It consists of ten levels, between all of which the game may be saved, Espers rearranged, and Group Leaders switched in and outfitted with new equipment. The dungeon may also be left at any time, though the party must start back at the first level when reentering. On the tenth and final floor resides the superboss Yiazmat.

After each mission the player earns 50,000 EXP for everyone in the active party and 10,000 EXP for all inactive members. With Ashe's Embroidered Tippet it becomes 59,997 EXP for everyone in the party and 11,997 EXP for all inactive members. Kytes's Goblin Pouch is useful in the last floor to get some rare crafting materials. The player is ready to head to the Midlight's Deep after Basch has learned Shining Ray.

After completing, Vaan's Anastasia sword also gets a boost of +10 in all stats. The stat boosts are cumulative if the player completes Midlight's Deep again.

Mission 1: Destroy the enemy Soul Crystal[]

Opponents: Berserker + 4 random enemy leaders

  • Berserker = 3 + the player's average level
  • Others = 1 + the player's average level

Enemy Espers are random:

  • Rank I Ranged and melee Espers
  • Rank II Ranged and flying Espers
  • Rank III Esper

The map has seven Summoning Gates.

The player should summon Leviathan (or another Rank III Esper of their choice) at the start, preferably on someone with group power-ups. The player's ranks should be filled with Wyverns and Lamias, unless healing summons are needed, although Penelo can handle just fine on her own.

The player should stay put and the Berserker and his group of Espers will approach one of the neutral Summoning Gates. When this happens, the player can storm his group and have a leader touch the Gate to freeze the Berserker's attempt at taking it. The player should attempt to destroy the Rank III Esper first.

After the Berserker's group has been taken care of, the player should take out the middle group that only has Rank I Espers. The group at the Soul Crystal might engage the party, but the player can spam the leaders' abilities to win. Either way the group at the Soul Crystal should be gone, either taken out the player's party or having moved to a neutral Gate. The player is free to overwhelm the enemy Soul Crystal.

Mission 2: Defeat all enemies[]

Opponents: Great Malboro x6 and Mom Bomb x27. Great Malboros will keep spawning from the middle. The Malboros' level is 2 + the player's average level.

The field has no Summoning Gates. The player should not bring any Rank III Espers and should summon Carbuncles. Good leaders are Penelo with Esunaga as gambit, Fran with Ward of Wood as gambit, Balthier, Llyud, and Kytes.

The player party starts in the middle. They should pick any of the enemy groups and work their way around the circular map. Every now and then more Great Malboros will spawn from the middle, so the player must work fast. It is easy to get caught up between two groups of Malboros, which will quickly decimate the party. It is useful to have Llyud use Jump to trigger the Mom Bombs, so they will explode clear of the group.

The Mom Bombs use Blindga which forces the player characters use close-range attacks, which is when the Mom Bombs use Self-Destruct. The Great Malboros use Bad Breath to inflict the player with various statuses. Kytes should cast an -aga spell to rid the Mom Bombs and Penelo and Fran should keep away from the Malboros so they can heal the others of statuses.

Mission 3: Defeat War-Chief[]

Opponents: War-Chief + 4 random enemy leaders

  • War Chief = 5 + the player's average level
  • Others = 3 + the player's average level

Enemy Espers are random:

  • Two random Rank I and II Espers
  • One Rank III Esper

There are seven Summoning Gates. Regardless, the player should summon only Chocobos.

The player starts the battle on two platforms on opposite sides of the map, with the enemy in the middle. This makes the battle very easy. All the player has to do is select all units and attack the War-Chief head on to win. It is best to ignore all other enemies. The Chocobos are good for a quick victory due to their speed.

Mission 4: Survive the enemy onslaught[]

Objective: Survive 5 minutes
Secret objective: Defeat all enemies

Opponents: Lv 99 Rank III Esper + six Lv 99 Rank II melee Espers + three Lv 99 Rank II ranged or flying Espers + twelve Rank I Espers

The randomly spawning Rank I and II Espers are 5 + the player's average level.

The Lv 99 group will patrol the map in a figure 8 pattern.

Middle -> 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> Middle -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> Middle and repeat.

There are no Summoning Gates. The player should use Rank II Espers of their choice. Filo, Vaan and Llyud are good options for the battle because they are fast.

Once the battle starts the player should move their group to the left bridge and stand their ground. The Lv 99 group always moves the same pattern, and the player should avoid it at all costs, but, if the player ends up provoking the Lv 99 group, the player should take Filo, Llyud or Vaan and have them run for their lives and change their gambits to Glide, Vanish, or Sprint. The random Rank II Espers the player should take out in small groups.

It is possible to defeat the Lv 99 group. The best strategy is to take them out one by one and never engage the entire group directly. The Rank III should be killed first. The difficulty level depends on which random Rank III Esper the battle has. Chaos, Odin and Titan are the easiest, Tiamat, Ifrit, Belias and Ramuh are of medium difficulty, Exodus, Shiva, Shemhazai and Mateus are fairly hard and Leviathan, Ultima and Hashmal are the hardest.

Chaos can only target one opponent at a time and ranged units defeat him easily. Odin has to keep moving to get to his next target because of his Knockback. For Titan, Penelo should cast Holy or Kytes cast Flare when Titan walks past, then send in Fran with Confuse Arrow or a Lamia with Entice. Tiamat's Stamina and Strength are the best in the game, but it has low HP. Against Ifrit and Belias the player should stay clear from their area of effect attacks. Ramuh is quick can be defeated with plenty of ranged units. Shiva's Diamond Dust is deadly and it has incredible range.

It is best to deploy a lot of Cúchulainns against her. Exodus's normal attack and Meteor can destroy the player party outright. Shemhazai has Soul Purge and Thundaja to look out for. The hardest ones are better not to be engaged. Hashmal has Strength and Stamina close to Tiamat but has more HP. Stoneja is likely to wipe the player's Espers. Ultima's Eschaton can wipe the player's party and Ultima can heal itself whenever not using it. Leviathan has massive HP, Stamina, Mind, area of effect melee attacks and uses Tidal Wave.

Mission 5: Destroy the enemy Soul Crystal[]

Opponents: Replicas of the current party leaders.

The player will fight mirror copies of their own party. The enemy party will be equipped with the same weapons as the players party.

However, the enemy Espers will be random and not based on the player's Espers.

Enemy Espers:

  • Rank I melee or White Hare
  • Rank I flying Esper
  • Rank II random Esper
  • Carbuncle
  • Rank III Esper

There are six Summoning Gates.

It is best not to have both Llyud and Penelo in the party because of Raise. One should beware of the statuses in the characters' weapons; anything that inflicts a status effect on hit should be removed. Since the opponents are exact clones of the player party, one can influence the opponents' strength. It is not a good idea to equip weak weapons, however, because it will only be easier for enemy Espers to kill the party.

At the start of the battle the player should claim the neutral Gate on the left. The Rank I flying Espers can be killed by the player's Espers. After claiming the Gate, the player should summon Leviathan (or another Rank III of the player's choice) and any other Espers. It is best to summon four White Hares if Penelo is not in the party. After summoning the Espers, the player should move back to the Soul Crystal to fend off a small attack. After doing so, the player should take out the group in the middle Gate and take the Gate.

At this point, another enemy group will move to claim the neutral Gate. After the enemy leader touches the Gate, the player should send in their group and wipe them out. Someone should touch the Gate so to freeze it.

Now the player can storm the enemy Soul Crystal.

Mission 6: Open all the treasure[]

Opponents: Bahamut, Chocobos, Lamia, Tonberry

  • Bahamut = ~45 + the player's average level
  • Others = 6 + the player's average level

The Bahamut will move about the map in the following pattern:

Middle -> 6 -> 5 -> Middle -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> Middle.

There are no Summoning Gates and no Espers for the player. There are six treasure chests the player must open.

Platforms: (counter-clockwise)

  1. Start
  2. Diamond / Tiger-Eye
  3. Water Gem / Water Stone
  4. Earth Gem / Earth Stone
  5. Fire Gem / Fire Stone
  6. Zodiac Ore / Mythril Shards
  • Middle: Storm Gem / Storm Stone

The party should be Filo, Llyud and Vaan. Any accessories and gambits that add to movement speed are useful, as well as Vanish. As soon as the battle starts the party should move to the bridge on the right. Open the chest on Platform 2, then move to Platform 3, then the middle and advance to Platform 4. Platform 4 is surrounded by Tonberries and Lamias.

The best thing to do is to provoke them by walking to the platform and then take a sharp turn onto the 4-5 connecting bridge. This will break their formation around the chest. The player should advance on the Platform 5 and then Platform 6, then back to Platform 4. There should now be a gap in the enemy formation to let the party get to the chest. As soon as the last chest is opened the player wins the match.

If someone dies, it is best just leave them unless Llyud has a perfect opportunity to revive.

Mission 7: Capture all Summoning Gates and your Soul Crystal must survive[]

Opponents: Trickster x5, Green Chocobo x5, Black Chocobo x5, Red Chocobo x5

Tricksters can use Camouflage, and Choco-Comet along with their regular beak attack. Green Chocobos are healers and Black Chocobos use ranged attacks.

  • One Trickster = 9 + the player's average level
  • The other Tricksters = 6 + the player's average level
  • The chocobos = 7 + the player's average level

There are six Summoning Gates. The recommended party is Kytes, Penelo, Filo, Basch and Ashe, because they all have area of effect attacks.

The Chocobos are fast and will destroy the player's Soul Crystal if it is left unattended. A group of Chocobos will engage the player first. When the party attacks them they will retreat to another platform. While this happens, the player should move Filo to take the Summoning Gate the enemy Chocobos just left. Filo is fast and can take most of the Gates by herself. It doesn't matter if she dies, because the player Soul Crystal will revive her. When the player is battling the enemy Chocobos, Filo can sneak behind the enemy lines to take the enemy Summoning Gates. Once the first Summoning Gate has been taken, the player can summon their Espers. Leviathan is a good Rank III Esper to use.

The leader Trickster and his group at Platform 1 will speak with the player. The player must fend them off with area of effect attacks. The leader Trickster's group will eventually advance to platform 2, but the player should try and kill the Trickster as they move past. The Tricksters can also take the player's Summoning Gates back. The platform 6 Trickster will try to do that at Platform 4, but can be stopped by disturbing its path. The player should try to kill the leader Trickster of Platform 6 when it tries to take the player's Summoning Gate and Filo can capture the Summoning Gate on Platform 6.

The other two Tricksters stay dormant for a bit using camouflage. The player can regroup to the middle platform. A good combination is to pair Basch and Leviathan and have Basch use Protectga, then Shining Ray, and have Leviathan use Tidal Wave to weaken a group. Basch and the Leviathan can then take care of the Trickster. The same strategy can be used for the other dormant Trickster.

Last, the player can take out the final group on Platform 2. The player has the advantage of being able to attack on all sides.

Mission 8: Defeat all enemies[]

Opponents: Raiden x24, Zombie x18, Cu Sith x24, Siren x30, Infernal Wolf x30

The map has one Summoning Gate.

Recommended party is Llyud, Kytes, Basch, Balthier and Penelo. The party has area of effect attacks and Penelo for healing. Balthier should use the Armor-Piercing Shot and Llyud should have the Mythril Gloves to protect against Confusion.

There is only little time to get together in the beginning to summon the party's Espers before the enemies emerge. The player should summon Leviathan (or another Rank III of the player's choice) and Lamias. The player should take out the Raidens by using Kytes's spells, then move to Platform 1. It is best not to stay in the middle, as not to get overwhelmed. Zombies will spawn next and they can be easily taken out. Cu Siths will spawn next from Platforms 1, 3, and 5. If the player is camping out on Platform 1, they can take the enemies out as soon as they appear. Leviathan can be moved to the bridge to absorb the Blinds the approaching Cu Siths throw. Shining Ray is highly-effective in wiping them out.

Next Sirens will spawn at all platforms. If using Leviathan, it is best moved away from the Sirens as Leviathan is vulnerable to Stop. The player should take out the Sirens with as many area of effect moves as possible. Balthier is good with Armor-Piercing Shot and Maim to disable them. The last wave of monsters can be tough and spawn on all platforms. The group that spawns on the platform the party is currently positioned at can be taken out as soon as they come out.

Leviathan and Llyud and his party should be moved to the bridges connecting to the player's platform to absorb the oncoming Confuse spells. After the enemy groups attacking from the sides are dead, Leviathan and Llyud's groups should be moved to the middle bridge. When most of the wolves have used their Confuse, the player can send everyone in and spam area of effect attacks.

Mission 9: Defeat all enemy leaders[]

Opponents: The Champ (a Monk bangaa), Dragoon (his main attack is Jump), Ballista (the viera), Wizard (the moogle), Assassin (the Ninja)

The middle platform has four Balasas, Sagittarius, Golems, and Shivars each.

  • Leaders = 12 + the player's average level
  • Espers = 9 + the player's average level

There are no Summoning Gates. The player should deploy Golems, Wyverns, and Carbuncles. Recommended party is Balthier, Filo, Basch, Llyud, and Penelo.

Because of the limited resources the player must be careful. The middle platform should be cleared first. Golems are the toughest opponents here, and the player can send their own Golems to take care of them. Basch should use his Shining Ray on the Golems as well. After clearing the middle the player can buff Llyud with Lancet and Overdrive and cast Vanish on Basch and Llyud. The player can sneak them over to the viera and use use Shining Ray to kill all the Sagittarius, or leave them in critical health. The main party can then come in and kill the group.

The moogle and his Golems are the toughest party so they should be taken out early. The player can activate Armor-Piercing Shot on Balthier and cast Vanish on Basch and Llyud again. With Vanish on, Basch can sneak next to the moogle, but not attack yet. Balthier can use Maim and Hamstring on the moogle, then attack. Basch and Llyud will handle the moogle, the others just have to deal with the Golems. Maim also works on the Golems and Penelo's Hypnotic Dance can disable them all at once. The Golem battle is tough, and the player should just try to kill them all as quickly as possible. A lot of the player Espers might be lost in the battle, but the other battles are easier and can be handled even with a small party, even without any Espers. Every time after taking out an enemy party, the player can heal to full health and buff with Protectga and Shellga.

The player can next move down to Champ and clear the Balasa. The player should not kill Champ yet. Once his Espers are killed, the party can retreat to the middle and Champ will stop chasing and return to his position, alone. This is done because after all but two leaders have been killed, the last two leaders and their Espers will charge at the player party. If the player leaves one or two of the leaders alone without their Espers, this final onslaught will be much easier to handle.

After taking care of Champ's Espers the player should move the main party slightly to the left so they can run in quickly. Basch should move around the bottom bridge and engage the Cu Sith directly with Shining Ray. The player can then use Maim and Hamstring on the Dragoon who uses Jump. The Assassin and his group of Shivars are handled with casting Holy, then Maim and Hamstring. Shining Ray will decimate the Shivars. The lone Champ can be taken out last.

Mission 10: Entertain the Wyrm God[]

The last mission is to defeat Yiazmat. He is tough, and can Stop the entire party and use instant death moves. Yiazmat is powerful but very slow.

After Yiazmat is defeated, Vaan's Anastasia sword will be powered up. The player can then do the entire Midlight's Deep again from the beginning, if they want.