Midgardsormr, also known as Terrato in earlier translations, is an esper in Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite.


Midgardsormr is a bulky serpent creature with brown skin, a green tongue and red eyes.


Midgardsormr's magicite is found at the end of the Yeti's Cave. Once retrieved, a boss fight with a Yeti will ensue (after which the Yeti can be recruited as Umaro if Mog is in the party).


Midgardsormr costs 40 MP to summon, and casts Abyssal Maw (Earth Aura in the original translation). Abyssal Maw deals unblockable Earth-elemental damage to all opponents (except flying targets). Its Spell Power is 93.




The name hails from Norse mythology, in which Midgardsormr (Old Norse: Miðgarðsormr; also known as the World Serpent or Jörmungandr) was the middle child of Loki and a giantess named Angrboda. Odin threw it into the ocean that encircles Midgard and it eventually grew large enough to reach around the entire world and bite its own tail. It had been foreseen that on the day of Ragnarök it would battle with its arch-nemesis, Thor, the god of thunder. The sky would darken from the poison mist emitted by Midgardsormr, and the battle would end in the death of both. Thor would first kill Midgardsormr and then stagger nine steps before dying from its poison.

This creature was previously named Terrato. Terrato is most likely a portmanteau that combines Latin terra ("earth") with Greek teratos ("monster"). As a word root, terato- is only found in medical science contexts.

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