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The Slums Sector 7.

The Slums in the remake.

The Midgar Slums are a collection of locations in the Final Fantasy VII series.

Unlike the metropolitan top, the slums of Midgar are home to bitter poverty. Due to the "pizza" plate hundreds of feet above their head, the people of the slums can go their entire lives without ever once seeing the sky. While the top is designed with cobble-stone paths and fine architecture, the slums below represent the severe desperation of its population with buildings ranging from permanent structures like houses and cottages, to crude edifices such as mobile-homes and huts. The homeless have to make do with whatever shelter they can find.

The slums are filled with junk discarded from the upper plate and ruins of the days they were still separate towns. Monsters, those that have either escaped from various Shinra facilities or have crept in from the wild, roam the abandoned areas between the sectors. Crime flourishes in this rough environment due to the lack of law and order. With the lack of proper infrastructure, transportation by car is not possible in the slums though a popular method of transport on the top of the plate. Citizens can travel by train and by chocobo carriage, while Shinra Electric Power Company operatives employ helicopters.

Criminal syndicates, like that under Don Corneo, serve vices of all kinds and of all preferences. The Wall Market especially is home to nearly every perversion imaginable. Shinra allows such practices to go unregulated thanks to the Don being a valuable informant for terrorist activities based in the slums.


Sector 7
Seventh Heaven

Tifa Lockhart was also able to scratch out a life with her bar, the 7th Heaven. It functions as AVALANCHE's main base until Shinra destroys it and the rest of Sector 7 by dropping a section of plate upon it.

Sector 5
Sector 5 slums church

Aeris Gainsborough, being a Cetra, was able to grow flowers in the almost inhospitable environment underneath the plate. Her church under Sector 5 is a sign of hope for the citizens.

Sector 6
Wall Market

Honeybee Inn

Train Graveyard


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