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Midgar Highway is a location in the city of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII that also appears in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is classified as a part of Sector 0.

Story Edit

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

After falling into the Sector 5 Slums and meeting with Aerith, Zack Fair is called back to the Shinra Headquarters that is under attack. He emerges on the Midgar Highway and makes his way toward the Headquarters.

Final Fantasy VII Edit

After rescuing Aeris and Red XIII from the Shinra Headquarters, the party escapes via Midgar Highway. Cloud blasts through a window of the building riding a Hardy-Daytona onto the highway while the others follow on a pick-up truck. Shinra soldiers riding motorcycles give chase and shoot at the pickup truck while Cloud hinders them by ramming into them with his Hardy-Daytona and swinging at them with his Buster Sword. The highway comes to an end at the edge of Midgar in a seemingly unfinished portion. The party is cornered by a Motor Ball, and after defeating it the party abandons their vehicles and slides down a rope to the Midgar Wasteland to continue on to Kalm.

Cloud can later replay the motorcycle game in Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Edit


Midgar Highway.

The Highway is largely abandoned, but still usable. Cloud rides his Fenrir motorcycle to Midgar on the highway while being pursued by Loz and Yazoo. Reno and Rude rig a portion of the highway with bombs and detonate them on Loz and Yazoo, destroying much of the highway.

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Enemies Edit

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

Quests Edit

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Motorcycle minigame Edit

FFVII Crazy Motorcycle

The minigame.

Upon escaping the Shinra Headquarters on the Hardy-Daytona, Cloud must defend his friends' car from the Shinra forces' onslaught. He can use his weapon to attack nearby enemy bikers: Circle attacks right and Square attacks left. The player can also attack enemies by ramming into them. There are two types of bikers whose AI differs slightly: orange and red bikers. The orange bikers immediately attack the truck and the red bikers try to drive Cloud away from the car. The best strategy is to quickly dispatch bikers as they appear on the screen and to go for a domino effect when a group of bikers draws close.

Cloud's friends begin the battle against Motor Ball with the HP they have left at the end of the minigame when the highway ends. If they KO'd during the minigame they begin at 1 HP but will die right away as Motor Ball always attacks first.

The minigame can be replayed in Gold Saucer's Wonder Square later, now named "G Bike".

Musical themes Edit

The music that plays during the minigame in Final Fantasy VII is "Crazy Motorcycle", also known as "The Chase". It is the 22nd track on the Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack.

The original version from Final Fantasy VII is included in the Final Fantasy XV music player. It is the tenth track of the Memories of FFVII album that is available by default.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Edit

FF7GB Cloud Behemoth

Midgar Highway.

Cloud rode the highway on his Hardy-Daytona in the remake of the Final Fantasy VII minigame for mobile platforms.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Midgar Highway

The Midgar Highway.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Midgar Highway FFVII

Cloud's team escapes from the Shinra Building on stolen vehicles and races down Midgar Highway with Shinra soldiers in hot pursuit.

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Gallery Edit

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