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Highlighted on the World Map

The Midgar Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII. It is located on the eastern continent sharing a mountain border with the Junon Area, and an open border with the Grasslands Area, reaching up until the end of the aforementioned mountain. The nearby islands belong to the Icicle Area.

The terrain had patches of grass, but much of its flora has withered, and the area's and entire planet's most notable location, Midgar (entered through the Sector 5 Slum), is surrounded by wasteland.

House in the Midgar Area in prerelease screenshot

East of Midgar is the much smaller town of Kalm beside a stream that runs by a small mountainous section, the peak of which cannot be reached on foot. One could get there with the Tiny Bronco, but the mountain contains nothing of interest. In pre-release material a house stands on this mountain.

The scenery changes after setting the key in the Forgotten City and the Diamond Weapon appears, with the Sister Ray being moved to Midgar. During this time, an event triggers where the Diamond Weapon approaches Midgar, and engaging with it triggers a series of events (and a boss fight in the English and International release).

While the mountains behind Midgar appear to contain nothing of interest on the world map, an added scene in the western and International releases of Final Fantasy VII shows Zack and Cloud overlooking Midgar from the mountains to the south. A similar scene overlooking Midgar occurs in the ending, and although the perspective from where Midgar is being overlooked is unclear, the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children recreation of the scene clearly shows Midgar from the north.

An early concept of the world map placed Kalm beneath Junon.[1]


The player can learn Matra Magic as an E.Skill from the Custom Sweeper.

  • Diamond Weapon (boss) is fought during a scene by approaching Diamond Weapon on land during an event
  • Ultimate Weapon (boss) may be fought above Midgar if it stops above it