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The Mideel Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII. Referred to as a three-taloned island south of the eastern continent, the area is mainly comprised of three long and thin islands, with seven or so smaller visitable islands around them.

The southernmost of the three main islands contains the hot springs town of Mideel, and the middle island contains nothing of interest. Both of these two islands are partially visitable when the player has the Tiny Bronco, although due to the steep terrain only small parts of the islands are accessible, and the forests and Mideel cannot be reached.

All three islands, including the northernmost, can be accessed via Highwind. The northernmost island contains a Materia Cave with the Quadra Magic Materia, although it is on a level of the island without grass. The intended method of reaching this cave is with a green or blue chocobo, although the player can also reach it using a glitch with the Highwind to land on the unintended terrain.

Following the events of the lifestream, the appearance of the town of Mideel changes on the world map from a town to a green lake.

Chocobos with "Great" and "Poor" ratings can be found in this area. Great Chocobos are used in the breeding sidequest, and can be encountered with a single or pair of Spiral enemies. The Lv36 Chocobos here can teach the Chocobuckle E.Skill by first feeding them a Mimett/Sylkis Green and then using L4 Suicide.

The Mystery Ninja has 50% chance of being encountered in the jungle if Yuffie is not yet recruited.

When Ultimate Weapon starts roaming the world, above Mideel is one places where it can stop.

The Sea Worms on the beaches of Mideel Area can be used for gil farming.


Chocobo tracks
Skies above Mideel

Other appearances[]

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, the town of Banora is located somewhere in the Mideel Area.