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Middle La Noscea is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.

It largely serves as a starting zone for players who begin in Limsa Lominsa.


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Players who begin their adventure as an arcanist or marauder will be sent here for the beginning of their Main Scenario quests. Baderon asks the novice Adventurer to help out Staelwyrn at the Summerford Farms. While performing tasks for the ex-pirate captain, they will meet Y'shtola in the Seasong Grotto, who helps them fend off an enraged goobbue. After the scuffle, the Water Crystal of Light will be found nearby.

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Middle La Noscea is located directly east of Limsa Lominsa, along the coast of Galadion Bay. The zone is bordered by the De Neville and La Thagran checkpoints at the north and south end, which contain zone lines to Eastern La Noscea and Lower La Noscea respectively. The Three-Malm Bend also contains a passage to Western La Noscea, while the city-state itself is accessed by crossing the Zephyr Gate bridge.

Geographically, Middle La Noscea is divided by the Rogue, Agelyss, and Nym rivers. Though originally the landscape was relatively flat, the Calamity caused the formation of a sheer cliff along the southern bank of the Nym River, called "The Descent." Several ramps have been installed for transportation, and the thallassocracy installed a sky lift to employ balloon-crafts for transporting cargo across the cliff wall.


Summerford Farms.

The only Aetheryte is located at the farmstead of Summerford Farms, atop the hill. As part of an initiative to rebuild following the Calamity, many former pirates were recruited by the city-state to till the lands, a job that many seamen chafe at.

The farm is surrounded by many orchards.


Middle La Noscea contains the following areas:

  • Zephyr Drift – Situated south of the Rogue River.
  • Summerford – Farmland located between the Rogue and Nym Rivers, with the Agelyss River flowing in the middle.
  • Three-Malm Bend – Located north of the Nym River.


Middle La Noscea's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Clear Skies Clear Skies 30%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 20%
Clouds Clouds 20%
Fog Fog 10%
Wind Wind 10%
Rain Rain 10%

Places of interest[]

Seasong Grotto[]

"I am the waves that bear, I am the winds that guide. I am the evening stars, I am the morning sky. I am born of the sea, and there shall I die."

Located outside Summerford Farms, this old monument contains a poem dedicated to mariners.


A special tower consisting of scaffolding, pulleys, and air balloons to account for the sheer cliff at The Descent.

Woad Whisper Canyon[]

A canyon along the upper end of the Nym River.



Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. On the Lamb 3-8 Zephyr Drift (x22 y24) 15 minutes Defeat the lost lambs.
A flock of sheep bitten by diseased bats has grown frenzied and is charging at full speed towards the Zephyr Gate. The infected creatures cannot be allowed to enter the city, so they must be driven off or put down.
Battle FATE. Taking It to the Streams 4-9 Summerford (x21 y22) 15 minutes Defeat the pugils.
The Rogue River has become a breeding ground for giant carnivorous fish known as pugils. Help clear the shallows so the local fishers can cast their lines in relative peace.
Battle FATE. Overnight Migration 5-10 Summerford (x22 y20) 15 minutes Defeat the tiny mandragoras.
Not only did the Calamity bring with it destruction, pain, and suffering, but it also brought with it mandragoras. Thousands and thousands of mandragoras. Mandragoras who, if not dealt with swiftly and firmly, will continue to multiply until the land is overrun with the creatures.
Battle FATE. Yellow-bellied Greenbacks 5-10 Zephyr Drift (x24 y27) 15 minutes Defeat the Yellowjacket recruits.
The newest batch of Yellowjacket recruits is softer than a rotten rat corpse, and fights little better. Whip the raw lads into shape. And remember, mercy is the last thing they need.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Yellowjacket drill sergeant.
Battle FATE. Thwack-a-Mole 6-11 Summerford (x23 y18) 15 minutes Defeat the Moraby moles.
The orchards of middle La Noscea are riddled with dangerous holes dug by Moraby moles. It is high time the pests were given a good thumping.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the troubled tiller.
Battle FATE. Hello, Work 7-12 Summerford (x22 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the grounded raiders.
During the Calamity, many bands of pirates lost their ships to either Garlean attackers or the flames of Bahamut. Most found new crews to join, but those who didn't simply turned to banditry on land. Use your blades to convince the lads it is high time they seek new employment.
Battle FATE. Crying over Spilled Salt 7-12 Summerford (x19 y20) 15 minutes Defeat the aureliae.
Coastal winds blow floating aureliae from their native habitat over the Rhotano Sea to the shores of middle La Noscea, where they release their salty ballast onto the soil, rendering it unsuitable for farming. Slay the creatures before they become the salt of the earth.
Boss FATE. Menuis at Work 8-13 The Cookpot (x18 y17) 15 minutes Defeat Menuis.
The once-gentle aurochs living in the Cookpot have grown bold since the arrival of a bull known as Menuis. Slay the beast and show the other creatures who it is they should truly fear.
Defense FATE. The Orange Boxes 9-14 Summerford (x21 y15) 15 minutes Protect the crates of oranges from the wharf rats.
Crates of freshly picked oranges waiting to be delivered to Galadion Bay's pleasure boats are in danger of being infested by rats lured by the sweet smell of the fruit. Drive back the vermin until the chocobo caravan arrives.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the farmer in need.
Boss FATE. Shearing Is Caring 10-15 Three-malm Bend (x16 y14) 15 minutes Defeat Shearing Sheridan.
Shearing Sheridan has been shearing his share of luckless passersby since long before the Calamity. What the megalocrab needs now is a good shell-shocking.
Battle FATE. Sister Crustacean 12-17 Three-malm Bend (x15 y12) 15 minutes Defeat the spawning megalocrabs.
A spawning megalocrab will do whatever it takes to see its brood safe, and that includes slicing in half Lalafellin fishers who draw too close to the wavekin's unhatched offspring. Slay a crab, save a lad.

An alternate version of Sister Crustacean Sister Crustacean appears during the Lightning Strikes event.

Battle FATE. Go Wespe 13-18 Three-malm Bend (x14 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the king wespes.
The Yellowjackets stationed in middle La Noscea have a royal problem. Wespes so large the smallfolk have dubbed them “kings” are terrorizing the countryside and need to be dethroned immediately.
Defense FATE. A Mad, Mad, Mad Sergeant 14-19 Three-malm Bend (x17 y8) 15 minutes Help the Maelstrom recruits defeat the mad sergeants.
The storm soldiers stationed at the De Nevelle Checkpoint are short a few men, and require volunteers to aid them with their regular training exercises in which they attempt to fend off a mock imperial assault.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with Storm Sergeant Doenfarr.
Battle FATE. The Boy Who Cried Jackal 14-19 Three-malm Bend (x17 y9) 15 minutes Defeat the pack jackals.
A young porter thought it would be clever to fool his companions into believing that they were being stalked by a pack of jackals so while the others were off hunting the beasts, he could slip off and frolic with a local milkmaid. The only problem being, jackals truly were stalking him, and now he's in a pickle.
Boss FATE. The Truth Is out There 14-19 Three-malm Bend (x17 y9) 15 minutes Defeat the Chupacabra.
Middle La Noscea is abuzz following sightings of the Chupacabra─a dog-like creature rumored to drink the blood of virgins. Is the beast real, or just a legend!?

Spawn conditions:



  • Little Ladybug
  • Wharf Rat
  • Lost Lamb
  • Aurelia
  • Puk Hatchling
  • Mossless Goobbue
  • Tiny Mandragora
  • Goblin Fisher
  • Pugil
  • Bee Cloud
  • Bogy
  • Grounded Pirate
  • Grounded Raider
  • Megalocrab
  • Water Sprite
  • Wespe
  • Wild Jackal
  • Skogs Fru (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Vogaal Ja (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Croque-Mitaine (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical themes[]


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