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Midadol "Mid" Telamon is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. She is the adopted daughter of Cidolfus Telamon and is the head engineer of the Hideout. She is a university student in Kanver.


Mid hails from the Outer Continents, where she was born in 862 and abandoned in a forest where Cid discovered her and subsequently adopted her. Though born on the Outer Continents, she was raised in Waloed where Cid gained the position of Lord Commander of the royal army.[1]

By the time she was four years old, Mid could already read and was considered a prodigy. She gained an interest in ships after meeting Cid's friend Otto. When she was five years old, Mid accompanied Cid when he left Waloed and quit as Lord Commander. She gained an interest in engineering from Cid. She moved to Cid's hideaway in the blighted lands in the central Storm when she was seven years old. She enrolled in the Kanver University when she was eleven, refining her skills at the university's workshop. At age 12, Mid began work on designing the Enterprise.[1] She later acted as the mate for the ship during the Cursebreakers' trek into Waloed.

During Clive's final battle with the god Ultimalius, Midadol gave spiritual support for Clive as the latter overpowered the god's Titan Eikonic abilities, telling him to "Give 'em hell".



Mid has floor-length blonde hair tied into a braid. She wears a red neck scarf and another black scarf over it, fastened with a leather strap. She wears a white vest with leather straps. Mid has a green and white beaded bracelet on her left wrist over a leather wristband. She wears black trousers and thigh-high boots.


FF16 Mid's Flying Ship Model

Fiery, spunky, loud, and forward, Midadol Telamon is very much her adoptive father's daughter. Her excessive energy and loud nature shake things up when arriving at the Hideaway, many often dreading her arrival—particularly the bookish Vivian Ninetales, her old teacher—due to knowing they will not know quiet with her around. When she gets excited, her voice speeds up, something that some of the Hideaway residents find grating, along with her flimsy nature, but no one has the courage to tell Mid off. Even Clive is left nearly powerless to Mid's demands in arranging a workshop for her at the Hideaway and helping her build the engines for her prized project, the Enterprise.

Much like her father, Mid bears a deadpan and snarky sense of humor. Her favorite tactic to rile those around her is to push their buttons as much as she can get away with; when she meets Byron Rosfield, he becomes one of her favorite targets. Even in tense situations, Mid's optimism and energy never waver, motivating those around her to keep up. Like Cid, she is considered an expert engineer and builder, having come up with the designs for the mythril engines derived from Fallen technology, but she builds them all on her own, directing practically everyone in the Hideaway along with her team of engineers. With these engines, she builds the fastest naval ship in the world. Even as a child, she developed the orchestrion when she was around eleven years old.

However much she gets on everyone's nerves, Mid has a good heart as she hopes her inventions will improve the populace's conditions. Mid takes it upon herself to act as a cool older sister to the children of the Hideaway, teaching them about gadgets. Despite wishing to change the world for the better, she is smart enough to know the world is not ready for her inventions, fearing they could be used for war. Mid decides that once Clive no longer has need of the Enterprise, she is going to dump the mythril engines into the Sins of Dzemekys, and leave the plans somewhere hidden for some ambitious treasure hunter or inventor to find in the future.

Underneath her loud and nigh-endless energy, a part of Mid remains vulnerable when it concerns her father, Cid. She keeps a positive attitude almost the entire time at the Hideaway, and only falters when Clive and Otto want her to visit Cid's grave. She comes up with every excuse not to do it, and when they finally get through all of her excuses, Mid slips away before they can bring her. Clive gathers the others to visit the grave without her, but smiles when he sees a hammer left at the site, proof of Mid visiting there alone. A large piece of her misses her father dearly and Mid dislikes appearing vulnerable to others.

Behind the scenes[]

FF16 Midadol Telamon


Mid is a recurring character name in the Final Fantasy franchise for a relative of Cid, usually their son or grandson. Midadol Telamon is the second instance of Mid being Cid's daughter, following Mid in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is also the second Mid to be adopted, following Midras in Final Fantasy XI.

Mid's old doll Mid's doll from FFXVI, handled as part of the "Like Father, Like Daughter" quest, looks like a White Mage.


Midadol comes from "Mid", a recurring protege character or relative for Cid in the series. She takes her surname from her father Cid.

Telamon is a character from Greek mythology. In architecture, telamons are colossal male figures used as columns to support structures.


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