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TAY PSP Mid Field.png

Mid attempting to fix the Falcon (mobile).

Hah hah! That's my boy!

Cid, after Mid fixes the Falcon.

Mid (ミド, Mido?) is the grandson of Cid Pollendina, who makes his first appearance in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Like his grandfather, he demonstrates some natural ability as an engineer.


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Mid lives with his parents in Cid's home. When the meteorites land, he is locked inside Cid's house with his mother and father. After the Creator has been felled, Cid takes Mid to the underworld to visit Luca (whom he appears to have a crush on). He helps her find a missing part to repair the Falcon.

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His name refers to the duo Cid and Mid Previa from Final Fantasy V, who were also grandfather and grandson.