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Mid or Mid of the Theta Star is a character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and member of the Orders, ranking eigth in the organization's hierarchy. She is the long estranged daughter of Cid.



Mid appears as a fair-skinned young woman on her teens or early 20s despite being over 700 years old. She wears a revealing set of armor that covers part of her arms, legs, lower section and chest, with helmet covering the upper part of her face. Her armor comes with bladed wings, a set of pikes, and what appears to be a tail. She has short red hair.


Mid is conflicted and emotionally hurt. Having grown without a father has made her sensitive. Her mother often spoke well of him, claiming he would return some day, and the belief this would happen became the meaning for her life. Although seemingly losing hope over time, Mid always kept the star-shaped crystal gifted to her by Cid as a treasured memento. Outwardly she is silent, detached and stern with deep loyalty to the Aldore Emperor. Beneath the surface, however, she still deeply cares about the memory of her father and cherishes him.

She has somewhat of a rivalry with Hyoh of the Delta Star, as despite serving the Emperor and part of the Orders for decades, the newcomer Hyoh has outranked her.


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Early lifeEdit

Mid was born to Cid and his wife around the time of the nefarious Paladia Civil War, as she was still an infant when the war was in its climax. The day before the final battle Cid, a member of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, returned home with a star-shaped crystal he found and made a necklace for his daughter. Both parents were expectant of what Mid would gift Cid in return as she would grow up.

The Aldore's leaders cruelly betrayed the Sworn Eight and expelled them, along many combatants, to another world known as Lapis to rid themselves of threats to their power. Mid's mother would often tell her that Cid was alive and would return, and Mid crafted a toy watch to gift him. Mid's mother eventually passed away.

Wanting to wait for her father, Mid joined the Emperor's ranks to get the immortality procedure that her father had gone through as well. She endured extensive servitude and the hope of ever seeing Cid again diminished. She submitted herself to military duties, ranking eighth among the Orders. Secretly she always keep the hope alive and treasured the toy watch she had made and the star-shaped crystal.


In Medos Long-term Prison Mid secretly has the system malfunction and the prison cells open to let the captured Sworn Six escape to aid her father. The Sworn Six have returned to Paladia from Lapis after 700 years, and witness a barrier forming around Aldore Tower. Having heard from citizens that Aldore is using the energy of crystals for the barrier, the Sworn Six make it their goal to destroy the facilities sustaining it.

Mid ambushes the Sworn Six with a Jump. Cid is surprised and suspicious of her identity. He tries to approach her, but she strikes him. The Sworn Six easily defeat her as she holds back. Sieghard tries to finish her, but Cid reveals she is his daughter and stops him. Cid tries to approach her but she swats him, claiming the daughter he once knew is no longer and that she will fight with all her power in the next encounter.

In Georl Barrier Station the group finds Mid before the Activation Core that sustains the barrier. Cid is delighted his daughter is alive after he has lived centuries with nothing but hatred and sorrow for sustenance. The two let their weapons do the talk and Cid wins the duel as Raegen destroys the core.

Cid tries to convince Mid to join them but she refuses. She requests he returns to Lapis where he can be safe, warning they are no match for the three highest ranking Battle Stars. As she departs, Cid vows to free her.

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Mid is faced as a boss in Season Two. In the first battle, her attacks are basic and limited. She often uses Thundaga and stronger single-target physical attacks. During the second battle she's much stronger and aggressive. She has the first turn with Grid, a buff that boosts all her stats. She remains using Thundaga but also uses Cruel Paralysis to inflict Paralysis on the party, and Arsenal Drake for physical damage. She might buff before attacking.


The first battle against Mid is not difficult as she is holding back. Her second battle is not outstanding, but she is more threatening. Cruel Paralysis can be dealt with immunity to Paralysis or status ailment removal. Given Grid will augment her offensive power to dangerous levels, it is recommend to debuff her ATK/MAG consistently; this helps more than applying defensive buffs, although damage mitigation or Lightning resistance buffs will help.

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