The Microchu is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. They appear in groups of four or more, occasionally with a Mewmao alongside them. They appear in all but stormy weather conditions on the Archylte Steppe, although they are more likely to appear when it is sunny.

Since they appear in large numbers, using area attacks is the best strategy against them, preferably those making use of their vulnerability to fire damage. Microchus are one of the easiest and most common creatures to find that drop Potent Crystals, an item for grade 5 creature upgrades, so the player may wish to fight them often to obtain as many as possible.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Paradigm Pack[edit | edit source]

Microchu has Bravery and Faith, which Noel and Serah cannot use. Microchu and Calautidon are the only creatures with Item Scavenger II available for infusion; Cactrot, Silver Chocobo, and Breshan Bass have it as red-locked. Microchu has it at level 18, and is a much more common enemy than Calautidon, but the latter gets it much earlier, at level 1. Item Scavenger II multiplies common drops by x4.5 and does not stack with other Item Scavenger sources. Item Scavenger MAX, only available with the Durable Collector Catalog equipped, gives x6 normal drops.

Microchu has Auto-Vigilance and Rapid Recovery, which have the penultimate ranking of 8; the former and to a lesser extent the latter arguably have less utility than their rank would suggest. To remove either, infusion sources of lower-ranked abilities (that are all unusually difficult to obtain) must be obtained again to yellow-lock those lower-ranked abilities. This makes Microchu a poor source of Bravega, which is not obtained until level 40.

Monster stats[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level Type Infuse
Protect Initial Command Y
Vigilance Initial Command Y
Critical: Vigilance 5 Passive Y
Veil 9 Command Y
Resist Deprotect: +10% 15 Passive Y
Item Scavenger II 18 Passive Y
Protectga 19 Command Y
Rapid Recovery 24 Passive Y
Vigilaga 29 Command Y
Faith 30 Command Y
Bravery 34 Command Y
Auto-Vigilance 35 Passive Y
Bravega 40 Command Y
Endless Blessings 45 Command N

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Microchu is an amalgam of "micro", meaning small, and "ochu".

"Ochu" comes from Dungeons & Dragons; specifically, it is the otyugh. The name in Japanese (and transliterations) comes from the pronunciation; it is pronounced with a short O and T (practically to a ch), making the pronunciation close to "o-chuugh". "オチュー" is the closest the katakana system can get to representing the sound without using compound katakana pronunciations not natively found in Japanese.

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