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Mi-Go on the world map.

Mi-Go (ミィコウ, Mīkō?) is a town in Northern Togoreth Region in Final Fantasy Type-0. In Chapter 3, it is the first destination for airship shuttle Class Zero can take; it costs 150 gil to fly from Akademeia to Mi-Go.

When the cadets first visit the town Circus Solaris performers are visiting it and have a task for the class. In Chapter 5 rumors spread that many dead imperial soldiers were discovered from beneath Mi-Go.


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The Militesi Empire takes over the Dominion of Rubrum territories in 842 as its marshal, Cid Aulstyne, incites a war to in a bid for the world's Crystals. As dominion legions are called to defend the capital of Akademeia and its Vermilion Peristylium, the other regions are left vulnerable and easily taken over by Milites.

After the dominion legions reclaim Togoreth Region, they continue their advance northward in to recover North Togoreth as well. The empire still occupies the Iscah Region due west of Togoreth, and the dominion cannot afford to send its main forces north.

The royal army of the Kingdom of Concordia proposes a joint offensive against the strategically located North Togoreth town of Mi-Go. Central Command is tempted, but the commandant is reluctant to reveal the dominion's strategies to the kingdom. Thus Rubrum accepts the proposition with the condition that all legionaries and cadets participating in the mission refrain from using magic or from performing special squad maneuvers. As anticipated, without access to their repertoire of spells, the dominion legions cannot exercise the extent of their abilities, but thanks to the assistance of its Concordian allies, Rubrum crushes the Militesi forces and reclaims Mi-Go.

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Mission: United Front[]

United Front is an Expert Trial available in chapter 3. The Dominion of Rubrum accepts Kingdom of Concordia's proposal for a joint campaign to retake North Togoreth, but avoids revealing the full extent of its arsenal to the royal military. Class Zero must assist in the operation by reclaiming the town of Mi-Go, but they are forbidden from using magic or special equipment.

Dam-sir in Distress[]

This task becomes available after completing United Front or reaching Mission Day for The Infiltration of Iscah. Moto asks Class Zero to defeat 10 Hundlegs on the central plains of Togoreth. The party must go and battle Hundlegs in Togoreth Region around the large crater where Togoreth used to be. For completing the task the cadets get a Aegis Tertia, Vol. II.

Yuka's Crystal[]

There is a group of four men looking for advice on how to attract women. Giving them the right answers scores Yuka's Crystal.

The correct answers are:

  • "Just be casual with her"
  • "With a friendly 'Heya!'"
  • "Smart colors, like a suave navy."
  • "Get a wild and sexy tan."

The women of the circus become attracted to the men. Talking to the men afterward, one will relinquish Yuka's Crystal as thanks.


Merchant 1[]

...Oh! By the way, I snagged some souvenirs along the way. Can I interest you in buying anything?

Circus Solaris Performer

The Circus Solaris member sells gifts.

Item Price
Compact Mirror 2000 gil
Tea Set 2000 gil
Picture Frame 3000 gil
Makeup Kit 3000 gil
Perfume Set 3000 gil

Merchant 2[]

Welcome traveler! We offer an incredible selection of only the finest wares. Why not have a look?

Dominion Citizen

The woman merchant sells accessories, Teleport Stones and greens.

Item Price
Gold Bracelet 3000 gil
Amulet 2200 gil
Ignis Secundus, Vol. I 2500 gil
Glacies Secunda, Vol. I 2500 gil
Fulgur Secundus, Vol I 2500 gil
Aegis Secunda, Vol. I 2500 gil
Flame Armlet 2000 gil
Frost Armlet 2000 gil
Blitz Armlet 2000 gil
Teleport Stone 2000 gil
Tantal Greens 100 gil
Pahsana Greens 100 gil


Mi-go ("The Abominable Ones") is a Himalayan nickname for a race of extraterrestrials in the Cthulhu Mythos created by H. P. Lovecraft and others.


  • In Mi-Go Class Zero can do a task for an entertainment group called the Circus Solaris. This is likely a reference to the Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian entertainment company which performs throughout the world and is known for its fusion of circus styles and worldwide shows.