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Very nimble and hard to hit. Magic defense is also high. It's vulnerable to fire- and water-based attacks, so use weapons with these elements to inflict greater damage.

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Mi'ihen Fang is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found along the Mi'ihen Highroad. It is a weak wolf similar to the Dingo encountered on Besaid. It is is a red and gray wolf with a red crest on its forehead, and a long red tongue.

Its attacks can cause Sleep and Silence. It can drop weapons with any of the elemental strikes and Strength/Magic +5%. It can also drop armor with Silence Ward, Sleep Ward, and Magic Defense +3%.


AI scriptEdit

From Final Fantasy X Ultimania Guide (translated from Japanese).

Basic patternEdit

  • Physical attack on random target (50% chance).
  • Physical attack on the character with the lowest current HP (50% chance).

Special patternEdit

  • Facing Valefor, its physical attacks will always miss.


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