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Meteorain is Cloud's first level 3 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It causes six meteorites to fall and hit random targets for 1.625 times Cloud's normal physical damage each. Using Meteorain six times unlocks Finishing Touch.

Meteorain is performed by Cloud rotating his sword in the air, at which point six meteorites will fall on enemies.


Meteorain is obtained by killing 200 enemies as Cloud after he has obtained Blade Beam. A quick way to kill 200 enemies is in the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel, where approximately 4.4 enemies appear per encounter. It is also the only place where six enemies can be fought in a single wave (Battery Caps). Cloud can pair Magic Materia with All, or if he has it, use Slash-All, to defeat the enemies quickly. The enemies in this area also help with using Limits repeatedly; the Battery Cap's laser attacks quickly increase Cloud's Limit gauge, while Valron uses Gravity-based attacks that can increase his gauge quickly without killing him.


Meteorain performs six hits to random enemies at 1.625 Cloud's normal physical damage each (combined, this deals 9.75 times Cloud's normal damage). Against waves of enemies, it can be unreliable, but against single targets, all six hits are guaranteed to hit the same target. This makes Meteorain Cloud's strongest ability against bosses until obtaining Omnislash.

After using Meteorain six times, Cloud will obtain Finishing Touch, which has a chance to instantly kill enemies not immune to Instant Death, and deals 3.125 times Cloud's normal damage to all enemies who are immune to it. Although Meteorain is still best against bosses and single targets, Finishing Touch becomes more reliable against groups of enemies.