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Meteor Strike is Tifa's second level 3 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a physical attack on a random single target that strikes for 1.875 times Tifa's normal damage, in a combo with her other Limit Breaks. Meteor Strike is a guaranteed critical hit if the player lands a "Yeah!" on the slot reel, but is skipped if the player lands on a "Miss".

Meteor Strike is performed by Tifa lifting the enemy above her head with a single arm, leaping into the air while spinning it over her head, and then throwing it to the ground, leaving an explosion behind. This attack animation is the same for all enemies, regardless of size.


Meteor Strike is obtained by using Dolphin Blow six times. Tifa can equip the Cover Materia to speed up this process, and for specific grinding, a good location is the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel where enemies appear in large groups (helping other party members acquire Limit levels that require multiple enemy kills), and their attacks raise Tifa's Limit gauge considerably due to their damage. One enemy fought here, Valron, uses Gravity-based attacks that reliably increases Tifa's gauge quickly with no risk of killing her. Using a Hyper on her gives the Fury status that doubles the rate Limit gauge fills.

Meteor Strike is a used in a combo with all Tifa's previously obtained Limit Breaks, meaning it is good to obtain it as soon as possible as it is a straight upgrade to her Limit Break.


Meteor Strike is a physical attack on a random enemy, performed in a combo with Tifa's previous Limit Breaks (if they were not misses) and any obtained since, which deals 1.875 times Tifa's normal damage. If the slot reel lands on a "Hit" this is counted as a normal attack, but if it lands on a "Yeah!" the attack is a critical hit and its damage is further amplified (approximately double). It will be skipped entirely if the reel lands on a "Miss". Meteor Strike's damage is based on Tifa's Strength stat and her currently equipped weapon. To maximize Tifa's damage output, a player can practice consistently landing a "Yeah!" with Meteor Strike, though aiming for this increases the risk of landing a "Miss". Even if the player only scores "Hit" with all attacks, the damage of the combo will surpass the damage output of other characters' level 3 Limit Breaks.

Meteor Strike, when first obtained, is used at the end of a combo with Beat Rush, Somersault, Waterkick, Meteodrive, and Dolphin Blow. This makes the combo six attacks total, either distributed randomly among a group of enemies, or all used against one enemy. Landing a "Hit" on all six gives Tifa higher damage potential than any character's level 3 Limit Breaks, while landing a "Yeah!" on all can far surpass them. Against a group of enemies, Tifa can use the combo to wipe out a wave. If one or more of the attacks miss, however, Tifa's damage output may be lower than what other characters are capable of.

After the player obtains Final Heaven, there is no major reason not to equip level 4 Limit Breaks as all her attacks are used at once.