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Meteor Publishing is a publishing house in Final Fantasy XV that publishes magazines and books. It was founded by Vyv Dorden who is established in Lestallum. The company is named after the Meteor of the Six, which features in the logo. The logo is reminiscent of the

the Final Fantasy VII logo (
FFVII logo.png

. The white shirt with the company logo Vyv wears is also available to wear for the Player Glaive in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

The publishing house appears to publish various types of media. Dino Ghiranze works as a journalist for Meteor Publishing, but wishes to quit to become a full time jeweler. He seems to work with gossip-type articles. Vyv hires Prince Noctis's retinue in taking photos for his publications after being impressed by their photography skills, although he rejects the one of a haunted painting for being unsuitable for publishing. After darkness overtakes the world, Vyv supports the effort of securing mankind's final outpost by publicizing the heroic antics of the Glaives and hunters who defend Lestallum and Lucis.

Oric's Culinary Chronicles was published by Meteor Publishing as an act of goodwill by Vyv to his rescuer, Oric Gambell.