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Terra using Meteor in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Meteor (メテオ, Meteo), also known as Meteo, is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. Usually one of the strongest spells, it summons a barrage of meteorites to bombard enemies. It either does high non-elemental damage, or hits for mediocre damage multiple times. Meteor's downgraded form is Comet, which sometimes acts as a replacement for Meteor when Meteor is not a usable spell. Meteor is an important plot device in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VII. Some chocobos can use a version of the spell called Choco Meteor. The spell is generally used by strong enemies, namely by the Behemoth class of enemies.

Actual meteors that were not spells were important plot devices in Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.


Final Fantasy II

Although not an attack usable by the party, Starfall X can be used by the Emperor when fought as the final boss of the main game, and Starfall XVI can be used by the Emperor when fought as the final boss of Soul of Rebirth. Both versions of Starfall deal massive damage to the party and appear to be stars falling from the sky; logically, they can be considered predecessors to Meteor.

Final Fantasy III

Meteor is a level eight Black Magic spell which can be bought for 60,000 gil from the magic shop in Eureka. It deals random non-elemental damage to all enemies and has a base power of 180. It is only usable by the Magus, Sage, and Onion Knight classes. The enemies Echidna, Xande, Xande's Clone, and Ahriman can use the spell against the party, as well as the superboss Iron Giant in the DS release.

Final Fantasy IV

The legendary ultimate spell, it is both the strongest Black Magic and a major plot device. It costs 99 MP to cast and takes about two to three turns to charge, but deals tremendous damage to all enemies. It has a spell power of 800 in the DS version, and 250 in all other versions. Against most enemies, this translates to 9,999 damage or close to it. Only Zeromus has access to the spell against the party. Template:Sec-stub

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Meteor is once again the ultimate spell. Golbez and Fusoya double cast Meteor to destroy Zeromus's Malice, who was brought back to life by the Mysterious Girl.

Final Fantasy V

Meteor is a Level 6 Time Magic spell. It attacks four random targets for random damage, and costs 42 MP to cast. It is acquired after obtaining the third Tablet in the Great Sea Trench. The formula for each hit of Meteor is as follows.

$ Damage = ((50..200) - Magic Defense) * M, M = 14 $

Meteor can be cast by Chrono Controller, Enuo, Exdeath in both fights with him, Famed Mimic Gogo, King Behemoth, Neo Exdeath, Neo Shinryu, and Behemoth.

Final Fantasy VI

Meteor can be learned from Odin at a x1 rate and Crusader at a x10 rate, while Celes can learn it naturally at level 98. It costs 62 MP to cast and deals non-elemental damage to all enemies. It has a power of 36. Meteor can be cast by Brachiosaur, Cherry, Great Behemoth, Kefka (Final Boss), Level 90 Magic, Lunatys, Tyrannosaur, and Ultima Buster.

An enemy ability also named Meteor exists. The enemy spell Meteor has higher power than the Meteor spell the party can learn, but has a chance to miss and uses a different graphic. It was localized as Meteo in the SNES version of the game. It can be cast by Behemoth, Guardian, Intangir, Rest, Demon, Behemoth King in both forms, Dark Behemoth, Kaiser Dragon, Omega Weapon, and Ultima Weapon.

Final Fantasy VII

Meteor FFVII


Meteor in Final Fantasy VII is not a usable spell but an important plot point. Comet and Comet2 serve as substitutes for purposes of gameplay.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Omega Weiss can use Meteor. The spell is only labeled in the game's guide, created by a third-party company, and has been dubbed Omega Meteor by fans to fit the naming pattern of the ultimate attacks of the other Weapon enemies in the Compilation.

Final Fantasy VIII

Meteor deals low amounts of damage, at ten separate intervals, which are divided between targets at random. The result can be anywhere from negligible to devastating. It can be drawn from a number of high level monsters, and refined from items using Bahamut's Forbidden Magic Refine ability. Certain enemies, such as Behemoth and Omega Weapon, also use the spell against the party.

Boko can also use ChocoMeteor, but only if the player has trained him in the Chocobo World.

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Final Fantasy IX

Meteor can be cast by Vivi for 42 MP, and is learned from the High Mage Staff for 95 AP. It deals random damage with chance of doing extreme damage, or nothing at all. Meteor ignores Magic Defense and can miss the target. Deathguise and Gimme Cat can cast Meteor, and Behemoth will use a version called "Meteor Counter" when attacked. The superboss Ozma also uses Meteor, but its Meteor spell is different from the other Meteor spells; it never misses and takes 40 MP to cast as opposed to the regular 42.

Zorn has the ability to cast a lesser version called Meteorite after being charged by Thorn. Zidane also has a SFX version of the ability called Medeo during the sword fight at the beginning of the game.

Damage formula:

$ Base = 88 $[1]
$ Bonus = 1 ... (Lv + Mag) - 1 $
$ Damage = Base * Bonus $

Meteor's accuracy is dependent on the following formula.

$ Accuracy = [(Level / 2) + Spirit] $[1]

Tetra Master



  • Card 058
  • Location: Treno, Card Stadium

Final Fantasy X

The Behemoth King will cast Meteor on the party when it dies. It is unusable in any form by the party.

Final Fantasy X-2

The bosses Humbaba and Trema use the spell Meteor, as well as a variety of other enemies. The chocobo has a variant called Choco Meteo. Dark Knights can learn the ability Black Sky, which deals ten random hits to all enemies. Black Sky requires Death to be mastered, 100 AP to master the spell, and costs 80 MP to cast. It uses similar animation to the Meteor spell.

In International + Last Mission, Lulu is able to cast Meteor.

Final Fantasy XI

thumb|300px|right|Game data swapped to show a Meteor spell animation. Meteor is not yet a spell in Final Fantasy XI available to players; however, at the 2010 VanaFest player fan festival it was announced (along with it a number of other developments) that they would eventually gain access to the spell somewhere on the road to the new Level 99 level cap in 2011. For the time being, the spell is only available to a select few Hyper Notorious Monsters including most of the Behemoth-class monsters, Promathia, Absolute Virtue, and even Shantotto. The spell deals devastating area Dark-based elemental damage to all targets within a massive range. It was the primary reason Absolute Virtue remained unbeatable while the level cap was anchored at 75 prior to 2010.

Of note, there exists a lesser version of the spell, called Meteorite, available to Carbuncle as one of its Blood Pacts. Unlike Meteor, it inflicts Light-based elemental damage on a single target.

Final Fantasy XII

Meteor is the name of the ultimate attack used by Exodus. It deals random damage to all enemies in range, with a possibility of doing 30,000 damage. The summoner must be immobilized for the Esper to activate this attack.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Meteor is used by the Esper Exodus, and it damages enemies over a small area.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Meteor

The Meteor explosion in Final Fantasy XIV.

Meteor is used by the main antagonist of the game, Zulvan. The spell consists in firing a ball of energy in the sky, which summons a gigantic energy ball which strikes the target and explodes into a red nuclear-like blast.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Time Mages and Hashmal can cast Meteor. It cannot be calculated and has a long charge time. The red chocobo also has a weaker version of Meteor called Choco Meteor that has no charge time, but it is fairly weaker than the original spell. The Time Mage version costs 70 MP, has a speed of 8, and needs 1,500 JP to learn.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


Alchemists can cast Meteor. They learn the spell from the Scorpion Tail Mace. It deals heavy non-elemental damage in a standard X-shaped area. The Sprite can cast the weaker version of Meteor, Meteorite, which affects only a single target. Unfortunately, it cannot be learned as Blue Magic.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Alchemists can cast Protometeor, a spell identical to the Meteor spell. The Sprite-type enemies (Sprite, Banshee, etc.) can also sometimes cast Meteorite which is basically a weaker version of Meteor. A Chocobo Knight mounted on a red chocobo can use Choco Meteor also.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Meteor is a Wizard Magic spell that only Benjamin can use. Despite its animation, it deals deals Earth-elemental damage to all enemies. It is found inside the Giant Tree.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

There are multiple variations of the Meteor spell used by many of the monsters. The Meteor Parasite can use a variation of the spell in its third stage of combat. Other monsters with variations of this ability include all of the Bombs and the Lich. Also Selkie characters can perform a variation of the spell called Meteor Blast as a Focus attack using the Dreamcatcher Racket.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Meteor is cast by piling Blizzard, Thunder, Clear, and Raise.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Meteor is a spell cast by the King Behemoth. the attack Summons Meteorites which can deal heavy damage if they hit. Any meteorite that falls in the ground can be picked up and thrown at other monsters.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Meteor is a Lvl. 8 spell that costs 5 SP to cast and attacks all enemies in a 7x7 grid around Chocobo.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

Desolator is the most powerful Black Magic spell. When the spell is used it launches five large meteors at random enemies and it costs 5 AP to cast. Desolator can be obtained in Horne Castle at the final stages of the game and can be given to any character by having the Desolator Tome in the character's inventory.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Terra and Kefka have Meteor as a Bravery attack. Terra's Meteor calls several fireballs to strike the opponent from above, while Kefka's Meteor calls five fireballs to strike around the opponent and bounce off the ground towards them. Terra learns Meteor at Level 29, and her version costs 30 CP to equip and 180 AP to master. Kefka learns the aerial and ground versions of his Meteor both at Level 31, and both versions cost 30 CP to use and 180 AP for mastery.

The Emperor has Starfall as an HP attack. It summons a barrage of fireballs to strike opponents followed by a meteor descending on top of them, but has a long charge time. The Emperor learns the ground version at Level 20, and can cast it in the air at Level 38. It costs 40 CP to equip and 300 AP to master. Sephiroth has Black Materia as an HP attack, where he summons a meteor as seen in Final Fantasy VII to attack. Sephiroth learns the attack at Level 33. Black Materia costs 40 CP to equip and 300 AP to master. Onion Knight uses Meteor in his EX Burst Spellbook, where he summons a large meteor to strike opponents as the final blow of the burst. Golbez's EX Burst is Twin Meteor, which summons a swarm of meteors to swarm the opponent as two larger meteors strike them in succession.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy





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