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Cocoon, protected by the metashield.

Metashield has been deployed."
"Major fissures have been detected in the pillar. Collapse is imminent.

Male operators in Academia's Headquarters

A metashield is a protective shield created by the Academy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Academy Datafile

The deterioration of the crystal pillar supporting Cocoon continues, and it will only be a matter of years before a complete structural collapse occurs.

Academy scientists are moving forward with plans to create a 'metashield'-an invisible cushion of force that will soften Cocoon's impact significantly, thereby minimizing the damage to Pulse's surface and preventing a catastrophic upheaval in the lowerworld's ecosystem.


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The operator announces that the metashield has been deployed.

The metashield is deployed in 500 AF and is used to protect the planet of Gran Pulse from the damage that would otherwise be caused by Cocoon's fall.

The metashield is deployed successfully and Cocoon's fall causes virtually no damage to Gran Pulse, allowing the successful launch of the new Cocoon, Bhunivelze. Unfortunately, soon after, everything is consumed by the chaos released from Valhalla.

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