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The Metallicactuar is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is found in the Dying World 700 AF, and in New Bodhum 700 AF in the town. It resists all elements and status effects, but can be taken out easily with a team of Commandos.


Paradigm PackEdit

The Metallicactuar is a Commando with an innate resistance to status ailments. Its Feral Link, Hit-and-Run, deals physical damage to a target and nearby foes, and has a maximum synchronization rate of 777%. Because it uses its Strength to calculate damage it is not that strong, but its high synchronization rate helps capture other monsters.

It is the only source of Auto-Faith for infusion. It has Ruinga available for infusion, but Scutari is a better source, costing only 30 "Chip" monster materials. Auto-Faith adds 40% to spell damage, but due to its 700 or so Magic, Metallicactuar's Ruin spells will not exceed the damage of high-magic Commandos like Miniflan, Tonberry, and the DLC ally Typhon. However, Metallicactuar has Mind Piercer, which provides an additional 30% damage boost when its opponent either resists or halves magic damage.

Metallicactuar does not have to move to cast Ruin and Ruinga, possibly protecting it from area-of-effect attacks. Should Metallicactuar's Strength exceed its Magic through buffs and debuffs, it can use Deshell Chaser and Shell Feeder.

Metallicactuar only receives two Crystarium expansions. A Magic-based Red Chocobo is superior to Metallicactuar if Mind Piercer is not active, as it has 6 ATB, COM Bonus Boost, and a faster casting speed. Metallicactuar is weak to Fire.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Attack Initial Command N
Ruin Initial Command N
Launch Initial Auto N
Critical: Faith Initial Passive Y
Bloodthirsty 7 Auto N
Resist Slow: +10% 10 Passive N
Mind Piercer 13 Auto N
Resist Slow: +44% 16 Passive Y
Deshell Chaser 23 Auto N
Shell Feeder 25 Auto N
Resist Slow: +66% 30 Passive Y
Powerchain 38 Auto Y
Scourge 40 Auto Y
Ruinga 43 Command Y
Auto-Faith 45 Passive Y

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