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Metallic Body in Final Fantasy XI.

Metallic Body (メタルボディ, Metaru Bodi?, lit. Metal Body) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Metallic Body
MP 19
Effect Stoneskin
Duration 5 minutes
Casting Time 7 seconds
Recast Time 60 seconds
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Earth
Jobs BLU 8

Metallic Body is a Blue Magic spell learned from Crabs. It absorbs a certain amount of damage from physical attacks and magical attacks. It costs 1 Blue Magic point to set. It is self-target only and can be used with Diffusion. The hard cap seems to be at 150 damage protection. It can be overwritten by, and does not overwrite Enhancing Magic spell Stoneskin, and Earthen Ward. It can be set alongside either Hecatomb Wave, Mysterious Light, or Magic Barrier to create the Max MP Boost job trait.

Metallic Body is also an enemy ability used by the Crab family.

World of Final Fantasy[]

Metallic Body is a passive ability that lessens all damage taken. It is used by Elite Entom, Entom Guard, Entom Soldier, Iron Muscles, and Metalliskull.