The Metal Knuckle is the second weapon for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. It can be purchased at Wall Market. Metal Knuckle is a basic weapon for Tifa, with minor stats, and two linked Materia slots. As with all of Tifa's gloves, it cannot be thrown, and like most, provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate.

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Metal Knuckle is available for purchase at Wall Market for 320 gil. The player should immediately purchase it for her once it is available, as it is superior to Leather Glove, her starting weapon, and Tifa will join the party shortly after reaching Wall Market.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Attack 18
Attack% 102
Magic 1
Materia slots Materia Slot Linked.png x1
Bonuses Element: Hit

Critical% +2

As the Metal Knuckle has a base Attack stat bonus of 18, the base damage for physical attacks when the Metal Knuckle is equipped is in the following formula:

where "Level" is Tifa's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Metal Knuckle also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 99%, grants a +1 bonus to Tifa's Magic stat, and provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate of +2%.

Use[edit | edit source]

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Metal Knuckle can be acquired early on, and should be purchased immediately to replace Leather Glove, as it provides greater stats and an additional Materia slot. It is Tifa's strongest weapon until the player leaves Midgar.

Metal Knuckle has two linked Materia slots, meaning Tifa can equip an attack Materia, such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning, and link it to All to help clear waves. Once Tifa obtains her second level 1 Limit and gains a few levels, however, she is better built towards physical damage, able to deal the most physical damage with her level 1 Limit if the player lands two "Yeah!" reels with it. This makes her a good candidate to equip Elemental paired with a Magic Materia, such as Lightning, to imbue her attacks with elemental damage.

When the player leaves Midgar, Metal Knuckle is outclassed by the Mythril Claw and Grand Glove, and should be replaced by whichever the player acquires first.

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