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"Metal - Brute Justice Mode"
FFXIV Brute Justice Theme

"Metal" is a set of boss themes that play within the Burdens of Alexander in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, composed by Masayoshi Soken. The two themes are known as "Metal - Alexander Awakes" and "Metal - Brute Justice Mode".

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

"Metal - Alexander Awakes" plays when the party fights The Manipulator within the Burden of the Father, the final turn of Gordias. True to its name and in sharp contrast to the electric tones of the usual boss theme, Locus, "Metal - Alexander Awakes" is a heavy metal ballad in the language of the Goblins (perhaps sung by Quickthinx Allthoughts and his Illuminati), calling for "the End! Oh, the End! Yes, the End!" of the Warriors of Light. "Metal - Alexander Awakes" is also used when the party fights Onslaughter inside the Burden of the Son and Refurbisher 0 in the Eyes of the Creator.

Before the party engages these bosses in combat, an instrumental version of "Metal - Alexander Awakes" plays as the ambient music, switching to lyrical mode upon engaging. The lyrical version of the track was also used in a trailer for Alexander at PAX Prime 2015.

"Metal - Brute Justice Mode" is the theme of Brute Justice, the final boss of Alexander: Midas, created by the fusion of Onslaughter and its four sentai-like robots from the Arm of the Son, deep within the Burden of the Son. Fittingly for Brute Justice, who is likely modeled after Voltron, "Metal - Brute Justice Mode" is a 70s Tokusatsu-style jazz theme, created by remixing "Metal - Alexander Awakes" and Locus.

A goblin in Idyllshire sings his own version of the song: "Smack whack crack wham bang bonk boom! Gob building fancy new room!"


Metal - Alexander AwakesEdit

Snap click crank wirr whizz wham boom!
Wheels humsing uplander doom!
Crack thoom snap bam bim bangy zoom!
Ah, nearsoon firebloom, crimson FOOM!
Stop dizzyheels of the wicked.
Defuse, pop! Debone, slup! Deflate...
No busydeals for the wicked.
Too late, far too late, far too late!
Wake the metal! (boom gobbiedoom!)
Create the Metal! (doom gobbieboom!)
Enfold the Metal! (boom gobbiedoom!)
Control the Metal! (doom gobbieboom!)
Embrace the Metal! (boom gobbiedoom!)
Reraise the Metal! (doom gobbieboom!)
Restore the Metal! (boom gobbiedoom!)
Live for the Metal! (doom gobbieboom!)
Clap tick clank purr kizz blam crash!
Bluehand back, uplander bash!
Whack vroom clap slam sing spinny splash!
Not farsoon we smash heads, we dash!
Boom! gobbie-bombs gobbie-neckbreaks
Again and again and again!
Doom! gobbie-hands gobbie-endmakes
The end! Oh, the end! Yes, the end!
Wake the Metal! (Metal!)
Create the Metal! (Metal!)
Enfold the Metal! (Metal!)
Control the Metal! (Metal!)
Embrace the Metal! (Metal!)
Reraise the Metal! (Metal!)
Restore the Metal! (Metal!)
Live for the Metal! (Metal!)

Metal - Brute Justice ModeEdit

Snap click crank whirr whizz wham boom!
Wheels humsing uplander doom!
Crack thoom snap bam bim bangy zoom!
Ah, nearsoon farblown crimson foom!
Stop busydeals of the wicked,
Defuse, pop! Debone, slop! Deflate...
Brute Justice Transmode!
Twenty-two sectors tested
Fragments in one direction
Celestial noise detected
Delirium unsuspected
Static tuned in to reason (We're falling back right in with the system)
Time in the aether deepens (Who'll see you falling back to the end)
Transmissions blink uncompleted (We're falling back right in with the system)
Seven two three two three...<send> (Who'll see you falling back to the end)
Falling back right in with the system
Who'll see you falling back to the end
When falling back is better than simply
Falling back into pieces again
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