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Meroë Region.

Meroë Region (メロエ地方, Meroe Chihō?) is a region in the center of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0, is located west from Iscah Region and is split by the river, parting its belonging to the Militesi Empire in the west and to the Dominion of Rubrum in the east. It can be visited in Chapter 5, and first becomes available when doing the chapter's first Expert Trial.



Meroë is a town the area is named after. It is initially under imperial control but Class Zero can choose to do the Expert Trial "Covering the Cadets" to help in its liberation.

Bethnel Caverns[]

Bethnel Caverns are located next to Meroë. Fierce Behemoths and Behemoth Kings lurk inside.


Alerion is a military base in the area. It can only be entered during missions.


Renown is a military base in the area. It can only be entered during missions.

Staging Point[]

Staging Point is a dominion military camp set up for the decisive battle against the Empire. It is visited in the start of chapter 6.

Imperial Border[]

A wall initially blocks the path to imperial territory, but after the events in chapter 6, the bridges crossing the river become available.


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On the border between Milites and Rubrum, the Meroë Region west of Iscah has been plagued with conflicts between the nations. In 343 RG, a border dispute sparked the first war between the two countries, which became known as the The Rubrumite-Militesi War.

At the time, the dominion had stationed a mage regiment near the border, and the empire had deployed one of its MA-equipped armored divisions. The battle became a contest between magic and mechs, but the dominion's spells had little effect on the empire's magitek armor, and the imperial forces outnumbered the legions. Rubrum's front lines began to collapse, and the empire nearly routed the dominion out of Meroë.

The dominion's First Independent Summoning Regiment Ifrit, whom they used to drive back the imperial army and lead the dominion to victory. This success convinced Rubrum that the Eidolons were more powerful than magic, and Sorcery immediately set out to research methods to implement and effectively utilize Eidolon units.

In the Great Orience War, Meroë Region again became a battleground. The empire initially succeeded in taking it, advancing to Iscah Region where their magitek armor fleet was decimated by a confrontation between a Vermilion Bird l'Cie and the king of Lorica wielding special armaments that utilized the power of the Black Tortoise Crystal. The Militesi troops retreated to defend the White Peristylium, and in the war's aftermath the Pax Codex outlined the nations' borders as to what they had been at the time of the armistice and Meroë Region was split between the dominion and the empire, the empire constructing a large wall on the border.

Once Marshal Cid Aulstyne seized the Militesi throne in 832 RG, the imperial army resumed its aggressive military activity, and skirmishes began erupting between the empire and the dominion in border cities. Such incidents occurred at least ten times per month, gradually intensifying until the imperial army razed a dominion village.

The Dominion Central Command deployed a task force across the border to wreak revenge by assaulting an imperial city. All believed the dispute would continue escalating, but a White Tiger l'Cie appeared near the border—and, fearing a clash between l'Cie—the leaders of both armies quieted their troops.

In 842 RG, the dominion again faces invasion, this time from the joint Militesi-Concordian coalition. A cadet task force is sent to liberate the town of Meroë, into whose vicinity the dominion sets up a staging point for the upcoming battle against the invading Militesi forces.

While the dominion's airship fleets and its Primus l'Cie, Zhuyu Voghfau Byot, engage the eastern front with Concordia, the Meroë Region serves as battleground for the western front against the mighty Militesi empire. Akademeia's Agito Cadets and trainees are dispatched to this battle to aid Lady Caetuna, the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie, summon a Verboten Eidolon to annihilate the Militesi troops.

Class Zero is summoned from the eastern front as reinforcements to destroy the empire's crystal jammer. As they flee the Big Bridge, the cadets run into Gilgamesh, a Black Tortoise l'Cie who has lost sight of his Focus. After the cadets deal with him Caetuna summons Alexander whose Divine Light lays waste to the Militesi troops, its General Qator Bashtar and a new White Tiger Secundus l'Cie being the only survivors.

Spurred on by this victory, the dominion advances into imperial territory and toward Ingram, the imperial capital where the White Peristylium is located.

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The Clash on Big Bridge[]

Expert Trial[]

Charge on the Border.

During the Expert Trial "A Charge on the Border" the region is liberated with Class Zero's help. This is a mission over regional dominance.

Chocobo Catching[]

Wild chocobos roam the area freely, and can be caught by pressing the action button near one. The chocobos caught in the Meroë Region are regular chocobos or combat chocobos.



In chapter 7 the player can find Kurasame's Tag and Caetuna's Crystal on the outcropping near Bethnel Caverns.


Enemies around here are between levels 31-56



Imperial Territory[]

The imperial territory is available in chapter 7.

Other appearances[]

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