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Meroë (メロエ, Meroe?) is a location in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a town in Meroë Region in the northern part of Orience, west from Iscah Region. It is visited in Chapter 5.


Meroë is located next to a steep mountain range, which kept the town safe when the empire dropped the Ultima Bomb to the north of them. The town is conquered by the Militesi Empire during Cid Aulstyne's campaign to claim all the Crystals of Orience. Agito Cadets from Akademeia are deployed to liberate it. Class Second students fight the invaders, but discover Class Zero has captured the imperials' aircraft with the local leaders inside. It turns out Class Second was used as decoys, and Class Zero got the true assignment, annoying the Class Second cadets.

After the town has been liberated the cadets can visit it and find dominion quaestors there. One asks if the cadets are familiar with the Nameless Tome, a collection of apocalyptic prophecies of unknown authorship stored at Akademeia since antiquity. The quaestor explains no one is certain of its meaning. There is also a kid who has only learned about Tempus Finis, an apocalyptic calamity spoken of in legend, asking a quaestor if the world will end soon, who explains that Akademeia's Agito Cadets are working day and night to prevent it, and that the kid should not worry.


Expert Trial[]

The town is liberated in an Expert Trial the party can take on in Chapter 5 first free time period: Covering the Cadets. If the player has Rem Tokimiya in the party and gets an S rank they can fulfil a request back at Akademeia.

The Dungeon Master's Dare[]

Hmm... You kids look like you might have what it takes to be Dungeon Masters. I shall offer you the chance to prove your worth: take down one of the behemoths in the Bethnel Caverns!


Shigeto in the town tasks Class Zero with felling a Behemoth in the Bethnel Caverns. He recommends them to be on level 55 or higher. The reward for completing the task is Ignis Magnum.


Suzusu's Crystal is found on the ground in the eastern part of the city.


Merchant 1[]

Don't let that swindler sweet talk you into buying inferior products. If you don't buy from me, you can kiss any chance of beating the Bethnel behemoths goodbye!

Dominion Citizen

This shop sells accessories, Teleport Stones and some chocobo breeding greens.

Item Price
Ignis Tertius, Vol. I 5000 gil
Glacies Tertia, Vol. I 5000 gil
Fulgur Tertius, Vol. I 5000 gil
Aegis Tertia, Vol. I 5000 gil
Brimstone Armlet 3000 gil
Glacial Armlet 3000 gil
Thunder Armlet 3000 gil
Teleport Stone 2000 gil
Krakka Greens 1000 gil

Merchant 2[]

I may not have a fancy shop to display it all, but I can guarantee that all my goods are of the finest quality! Can I interest you in anything?

Dominion Citizen

This shop sells gift items the cadets can give to Emina Hanaharu back in Akademeia.

Item Price
Bath Set 6000 gil
Aromatic Oils 6000 gil
Fancy Tapestry 8000 gil
Quill Pen 8000 gil
Jewelry Box 12000 gil
Famous Painting 15000 gil