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Merit Points are a special form of "currency" available to level 75+ players in Final Fantasy XI. After switching to "Limit" EXP mode (or reaching the maximum amount of Experience—55,999 at level 99), they will instead gain Limit points for killing enemies. Once 10,000 Limit points are obtained, they will automatically be converted to Merit points. These points can then be exchanged for improved attributes, new spells/abilities, improved skills, as part of the level cap quests of 80-95, in exchange for battlefield entry items, and as a currency to purchase items from old content. A player can initially hold 30 at a time, but that can be raised to 75.

Upgrading a character with merit points can only be done inside a Mog House, Rent-a-Room, or Mog Garden. If the player decides to reallocate merit points, they will not be refunded.

In late 2013, high-level versions of mission battlefields were added to the game. Their entry items cost 10-20 merit points each.

In late 2015, an NPC was added that allows a player to exchange merit points for potpourri, a currency that can be used to purchase items from old content. Outside of scrolls for Meteor and Arise, they are all Exclusive and cannot be exchanged with other players.