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Meriphataud Mountains.

The Meriphataud Mountains is an area in Final Fantasy XI, located in the Aragoneu region. Its harsh badlands are home to equally harsh creatures that can survive in the climate, such as the Yagudo, whose base of operations, Castle Oztroja, may only be reached from here.

Location Edit

Galesmouth refers to the series of crevasses and cliffs of the fractured land just south of Drogaroga's spine. These faults in the earth impede passage, requiring travelers to either make a circuitous route through the Galesmouth or take the long road around it.

Story Edit

Landmarks Edit

Drogaroga's Spine Edit

Meriphataud Drogaroga's Spine

Drogaroga's Spine.

Drogaroga's Spine is a formation of cermet running in and above the Meriphataud Mountains at various places. It is fabled to be the spine of the mythical dragon Drogaroga, who is said to have existed at the beginning of Vana'diel. However, a connection between it and the crags or lines of cermet found throughout the land is more likely.

Stone Monument Edit

Meriphataud Stone Monument

The stone monument in Meriphataud Mountains.

Position: (J-10)

This monument, placed in the southeastern corner of the Galesmouth, was written by Enid Ironheart, daughter of the legendary explorer Gwynham Ironheart. The monument reads:

Drogaroga's Spine: Tarutaru for "Spine of the Heavenly Dragon". It is made of that same mysterious white material as the holy crags.
However, this is the first I've seen so exposed. A good portion of it is suspended in open space, no less.
In San d'Oria, the papsque claims that they were monuments built by Altana in honor of the Elvaan. All believed him, but I feel that this cannot be true.
This is merely conjecture, but I feel they resemble some kind of road or pipeline... But carrying what? If only I could show my father.
The white crags, spines, points, and lines... What did my father discover at the end of his journey? I wish I knew.
—Enid Ironheart, 778 Crystal Era.

Connected Areas Edit

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Enemies Edit

  • Axe Beak
  • Black Bat*(from dusk to dawn)
  • Boggart
  • Bogy*(at night)
  • Coeurl
  • Crane Fly
  • Earth Elemental*(during dust storms or sand storms)
  • Fire Elemental*(during hot spells or heat waves)
  • Goblin Ambusher
  • Goblin Butcher
  • Goblin Digger
  • Goblin Gambler
  • Goblin Leecher
  • Goblin Mugger
  • Goblin Tinkerer
  • Hill Lizard
  • Jubjub
  • Night Bats*(from dusk to dawn)
  • Raptor
  • Scavenging Hound*(at night)
  • Stag Beetle
  • Wandering Sapling
  • Will-o'-the-Wisp*(during foggy weather)
  • Yagudo Mendicant
  • Yagudo Persecutor
  • Yagudo Piper
  • Yagudo Priest
  • Yagudo Theologist
  • Yagudo Votary
  • Yagudo's Elemental*(assists Yagudo Mendicant)
  • Zombie*(at night)

Notorious Monsters Edit

Garrison Enemies Edit

  • Yagudo Follower
  • Yagudo Priest
  • Yagudo Theologist
  • Yagudo Votary
  • Yagudo Missionary*(Garrison leader)

Expeditionary Force Enemies Edit

Confrontation Enemies Edit

Voidwatch Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

No background music plays in the Meriphataud Mountains, but "Battle Theme" plays when the player fights a battle solo, and "Battle Theme #2" plays when the player fights a battle in a party.

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