Adept at both gaining and spending money.

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Who says you can't throw money at a problem? These go-getters make money fast and have powerful—and pricey—abilities that help out in a pinch

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The Merchant is a job in Bravely Default, gained by defeating Chairman Profiteur in Ancheim.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Merchant is decked out in fancy clothing befitting their specialty in wealth.

The female version of the outfit consists of a dress, a wide-brimmed hat, black shoes, elbow-length gloves, and extravagant jewelry. Agnès's variant of the outfit has no sleeves and her dress and hat have a similar black and white coloration to her Freelancer outfit. She wears a large pearl necklace and a ring with a huge blue gemstone on her left hand. Edea's variant of the outfit has a red bodice with puffy sleeves and the skirt and hat are white with lilac trim. Her pearls and the gem on her ring are cyan-colored.

The male version of the outfit is similar in appearance to Chairman Profiteur's, consisting of a pinstriped-suit with large buttons, an overcoat, white gloves, a large gold watch worn around the neck, and a very tall top hat with a red ribbon wrapped around the bottom. Tiz's variant of the outfit has a red pinstripe suit with gold buttons, gold-tipped brown shoes, a black overcoat and top hat, and white frills at the bottom of his sleeves and pants. Ringabel wears a black pinstripe suit, grey overcoat and top hat, and grey shoes with silver tips.

Proficiency[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]


Equipment[edit | edit source]

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves Daggers Bows Katanas Knuckles Shields Helms Armor

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Merchant's Specialty is More Money. Its Job Command is Commerce.

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Pay to Play 1 User's level×50 pg Spend your level times 50 pg to raise the target's Critical Rate by 300% for four turns.
*The upper limit for Crit Rate is 1000%.
Salesman 2 Make an enemy buy a recovery item from you at 2.4 times the selling price. Note that the success rate of the sale depends on the item.
White Knight 3 1 slot The ally with the most HP protects you when you suffer a single-target physical while your HP is below 20%.
Pharmacy 4 pg cost varies by item Purchase a recovery item and use it on one target.
Hedge Risk 5 Halve the damage you suffer for five turns by spending money equal to half the damage.
Takeover 6 User's level×50 pg Spend your level times 50 pg to deal damage to one target that is equal to the money spent.
BP Drink 7 pg cost varies by items Purchase a BP recovery item and use it on one target.
Small BP drink (restores 1 BP): 1,000 pg
Medium BP drink (restores 2 BP): 10,000 pg
Large BP drink (restores 3 BP): 100,000 pg
Speculate 8 1 slot Has a 50% chance to deal double damage and a 50% chance to deal none.
More Money 9 2 slots Earn 1.5 times more money than normal after a battle. Note that this effect does not stack with similar effects from items, but the bonus from multiple characters using this ability does stack.**(See below)
Millionaire 10 Use this ability with the Send command to gift an amount equal to your level times 25 pg to a friend who summons this action using Summon Friend.
Big Pharma 11 Restore one enemy's HP and make the target pay pg equal to the number of HP recovered.
Full Leverage 12 For five turns, damage, recovery, and the HP/MP/BP required for actions will be double the usual for all allies and enemies.
Low Leverage 13 For five turns, damage, recovery, and the HP/MP/BP required for actions will be half the usual for all allies and enemies.
Payoff 14 pg cost varies by enemies Spend money to buy off the enemy and end the battle. (You still get pg, exp, JP and items.)

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  • The English description for More Money support ability was mistranslated, stating that it does not stack with items and does stack with consecutive More Money abilities. The opposite has been found to be true.
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