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Meracydia as seen from the moon.

Meracydia (メラシディア大陸, Merashidia Tairiku?, lit. Meracydia Continent) is a currently inaccessible location in Final Fantasy XIV. Lying to the south of the Three Great Continents of Aldenard, Ilsabard, and Othard, Meracydia is one of the main landmasses of the Source.


Due to the constant threat of attack, very little of the region is known. It is shown in views of the planet from space to be south of Thavnair. Some areas of the continent remain uninhabitable wastelands due to the destruction wrought during the Allagan Empire's invasion.

Meracydia once flourished with many cultures and races, including a race of tree-like beings that worshiped Sephirot the Fiend, a centaur-like race devout to Zurvan the Demon, a large unified group of differing races and groups under Sophia the Goddess, tribes of Miqo'te, and the first brood dragons Bahamut and Tiamat as well as their children.

It is known that the men of Meracydia once built great stone monuments in the image of Benben, a mound of myth whose name means "eternity".

Sesame is native to Meracydia, and the Miqo'te brought it with them when they migrated to Eorzea. Aloe is also indigenous to Meracydia. Hippos are native to Meracydia, and scholars point to their presence in Thavnair as evidence that there was trade between the two long ago.


Towards the end of the Second Astral Era, the first men arrived on the continent. They avoided the dragons and were left alone. As more Hyur arrived, they began warring among each other for land, and eventually turned to Bahamut for help, as they respected his wisdom. He agreed to preside over their disputes and there was peace for a time.

During the last years of the Third Astral Era the Allagan Empire with the newly revived Emperor Xande sought to conquer Meracydia. Initial forays by the Allagan military proved successful, but against a united front of the native peoples and dragons they began to stall. This motivated Allagan scientists to produce even stronger chimerical weaponry and Bahamut was slain in a decisive battle.

The tribes of Meracydia summoned their gods, beings known as eikons (presently referred to as primals). There was no recorded summoning prior to the Allagan incursion, and the multiple simultaneous summonings suggest that a third-party, such as the Ascians, were involved. The three most prominent eikons summoned were Sephirot, Sophia, and Zurvan, referred together as the Warring Triad. The eikonic forces pushed the invaders back to the Meracydian coastline. Xande was infuriated and threatened his cadre of mages to kill one a day until a solution was found. The mages in turn researched eikons, and developed summon magic that allowed the Allagans to imprison the Warring Triad and take them to Azys Lla for containment and research until they were slain by the Warrior of Light five millennia later.

The wyrm Tiamat, Bahamut's mate, attempted to summon him as an eikon. Her grief and rage twisted the shade of Bahamut into a creature of pure violence, again pushing the Allagans back, driving them towards even more technological and magickal advancement. Communication with voidsent was achieved, and Xande held an audience with the Cloud of Darkness. In exchange for infinite fresh corpses for use as voidsent vessels, Xande convinced them to fight the Meracydians.

As the undead army killed any who opposed them, the newly dead were inhabited by additional voidsent. Bahamut's shade was overrun and fitted with Allagan neurolinks, devices that allowed for complete control over a dragon. Bahamut was sealed inside of the false moon Dalamud, and propelled into the heavens. At an indeterminate time, Tiamat was also captured and taken to Azys Lla. Despite being able to escape her bonds, she remained imprisoned by her own will out of regret for her summoning. Various other creatures and structures were taken from Meracydia and placed in Azys Lla as objects of research and trophies of conquest.

After the end of the war, Meracydia was rendered a wasteland. Even after the fall of the Allagan Empire some regions remain uninhabitable, with reclusive populated areas that often attack any who approach.

During the Fifth Umbral Era when the seas froze in the Age of Endless Frost, Miqo'te tribes—descendants of Meracydia's native Miqo'te, driven from Eorzea by the Allagan Empire—migrated into northern Eorzea from the southern Ilsabard.