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The following entails the contents of the main menu in World of Final Fantasy.

Within the main menu, the player can view their current stacks based on the forms Lann and Reynn appear on the field. The player can switch to view the stacks of the opposite forms, then their full list of characters in their party. The player can rename their stacks.

The progress of the Champion Gauge can be seen on the bottom-left corner of the screen as well as accumulated gil and play time.

Mirage Boards[]

This menu allows the player to view and modify the Mirage Boards of the Mirages in their party. This menu can be accessed from the Prism Case.

In addition to modifying a Mirage's Mirage Board, the player may view its abilities and stats. When accessed from the main menu, the player may view all the Mirage Boards of all their Mirages by cycling through them (when accessed from the Prism Case, they can only view the Mirage Board of the Mirage they choose).


This menu allows the player to view and use items. Items in green text can be used within the menus.

Battle Items[]

A list of items that can be used in battle, offensive or healing. Healing items can be used from this menu.


A list of prisms that allow the player to imprism certain types of Mirages.


A list of miscellaneous items: the Teleport Stone, Seraphones, the Rename Prism, any Ability Seeds, and the Treasure Tracker. Excluding Ability Seeds, other Miscellany items can be used in this menu. The Teleport Stone does not work in Nine Wood Hills.

Key Items[]

A list of important items that the player has collected.

  • Story related key items.
  • Journals and other excerpts that can be read from this menu.
  • Mementos used for unlocking Mirages' transfigurations in Mirage Boards.
  • Items from The Coliseum used to unlock Mirajewel slots for Lann and Reynn.
  • The "Secret Memory" item used to unlock the "A Bridge's Woes" Intervention quest.
  • Coliseum Tickets for challenging DLC Mirages at The Coliseum.


This menu allows the player to view information of the abilities of their party's characters, as well as information of specific types of Mirajewels equipped by Lann and Reynn. Any healing abilities that the player's characters have can be used here. The player can also assign or change button shortcuts for using abilities in battle when using the Basic Menu. This menu can also be accessed from the Prism Case.

Stack Setup[]

This menu allows the player to view their stacks and can change their characters within them. The player can also view detailed stats of the entire stack or the individual characters within, such as their elemental/ailment resistances and weaknesses, and a list of abilities. When viewing information for an individual character, the player can also see their EXP progress. Information for XL-sized Mirages cannot be viewed from this menu, however. This menu can also be accessed from the Prism Case.


This menu allows the player to view the Mirajewels the player has accumulated in the game. Mirajewels can be sorted by the order of which they were obtained, or by type. The player can discard regular Mirajewels.

In the Maxima version, the player can also equip Champion Jewels to take on the appearance and utilize several abilities of certain Champions. Champion Jewels cannot be discarded.

Champion Medals[]

This menu allows the player to select which Champion Medals to equip to summon Champions for battles. The player can equip up to three at a time.

Adventure Log[]

This menu is where the player can view the progress of the story, as well as the synopses of Intervention quests and Miniventures. The progress of the story can be found in "The Story So Far", while synopses for Intervention Quests and Miniventures can be found in "Miniventures".

When the player accepts side quests, their status can be viewed within the Miniventures section. When the requirements have been fulfilled, the player can obtain the rewards from the menu without having to return to the NPCs that offered them.

Tip Jar[]

This menu allows the player to view any tips and tutorials displayed in the storyline.


This menu allows the player to change various settings. It can also be accessed from the title screen menu.

  • Message Speed: Changes the message display speed, from 1-5.
  • Character Names: Toggles whether character names appear above subtitles.
  • Minimap: Toggles whether the minimap of a location appears on the screen.
  • Battle Speed: Changes the speed of which battles proceed, from 1-5.
  • Battle Menu: Toggles which menu layout battles start with, from Basic to Classic.
  • Battle Mode: Toggles the game's battle mode: from Wait, Semi-active, to Active.
  • Battle Theme: Changes the background music that plays during battles: from the default setting, a random track, to a specific one.
  • Voice Language: Changes the voice language: Japanese or English.
  • Voiced Dialogue: Toggles voiced dialogue in cutscenes and in the field.
  • Voice Volume: Allows the player to set the voice volume.
  • Music Volume: Allows the player to set the music volume.
  • Sound Effect Volume: Allows the player to set the sound effect volume.
  • Fast-Forward: Toggles whether or not the fast-forward button needs to be held down.
  • Disable Encounters: Toggles enemy encounters on the field. (Steam version only)
  • Free AP: (Steam version only)
  • Free Champions: (Steam version only)
  • Max Gil: (Steam version only)
  • Max Battle Items: (Steam version only)
  • Command Guide: (Steam version only)
  • Keyboard Layout: (Steam version only)
  • Difficulty Settings: Toggles the difficulty settings of battles, from Normal to Nightmare. Maxima version only.
  • Button Config: Changes button assignments for "confirm" and "cancel".


Enabled only when touching a Save Crystal. The player can save their game from this menu.