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Main menu on the world map.

The following entails information on all options in the main menus in Final Fantasy Tactics.

The debug menu is found on the main menu, starting right below the Option menu. The player can select any of the other options above except for the Move option without causing any problems. There's no visible options for the player to see, but the following are in the order found on the main menu. The options found within the debug menu are named after what they do. There is no legitimate way to access the Debug Menu, but it can be accessed via a cheat device.


The Move option.

The Move option on the menu will allow the player to move around the map by selecting a location they wish to visit, the player will only be able to visit places they already visited before.

  • A blue marker indicates a town, castle, or fortress.
  • A red marker indicates a story destination. Moving here will result in a battle or scene that advances the plot.
  • Moving to a location that contains a green marker will occasionally result in battles.

Party Roster[]

Party Roster for configuring units.

The player will be able to adjust the setup of their units in this option, such has viewing unit's statistics and managing them. Basic information for the current unit is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the Playstation-Button-X.png button will to view a unit's status in greater detail. Pressing the Playstation Button Start.png button or Playstation-Button-T.png button while on the Party Roster screen will open the Party Menu, from which the player can modify the selected unit's setup.

Party Menu[]

Five options are displayed in the Party Menu that allow the player to modify the setup of their units. The five options are as follow: Item, Ability, Change Job, Remove Unit, and Order Unit.


The Equipment option.

The player can change their equipment or check their inventory from this screen. The Equip option allows the player to choose the piece of equipment they wish to change and press the Playstation-Button-X.png button to display a list of items available for that slot. Items that can be equipped appear in black. Selecting Optimize will automatically equip units with the strongest available items in the party's inventory. These items will be chosen according to their numerical attributes, without regard to any additional properties they may possess. Selecting Remove will remove the equipped items from the unit. View List allows the reorder, discard, unequip, sort, and find items in their inventory.


The Abilities option.

Each jobs has a unique set of abilities that can be learned by spending JP. By using the Assign option, they can assign known abilities to a unit even if its job is no longer the one from which those abilities were learned. There are four types of abilities: Action Abilities, Reaction Abilities, Support Abilities, and Movement Abilities.

  • Assign: Assign the desired abilities.
  • Remove: Removes equipped abilities that have been assigned previously.
  • Learn: A unit can learn new abilities by spending JP. Available abilities will be displayed in bold.


The Job option.

Choosing Job from the Party Menu to change the selected unit's job. A unit's job also determines the equipment it can use. Each job has a job level and a prerequisites. When a job has accumulated enough JP in its job, its job level will increase. Reaching higher job levels unlocks new jobs. Some jobs require that a unit has acquired certain levels in multiple other jobs.


Selecting the Dismiss option will remove the unit that are no longer useful to the party. Be careful when using this option, as dismissed units will not return.

Sort Units[]

The Sort Units option.

This option will allow the player to sort units with selected criteria.


The Chronicle option.

The player will be able to review information about the events that have occurred and the characters that they have encountered. These includes: Events, Personae, Feats, Wonders, and Artefacts.


The Tutorial option.

The Tutorial option accesses the in-game tutorial with detailed explanations on the various aspects of the game. This is highly recommended for first-time players.


The Data option.

The Data option allows the player to either Save, Load, or delete game data.


The Options option.

The Options menu will allow the player to adjust various game options: Cursor Movement, Cursor Repeat Rate, Multi-height Toggle Rate, Menu Cursor Speed, Message Speed, Battle Prompts, Display Ability Names, Display Effect Messages, Display Earned EXP/JP, Target Color, Display Unequippable Items, Optimize on Job Change, and Restore Default Settings.

Battle Location Selector[]

The Battle Location Selector option.

When the player uses a cheating device to activate the debug menu, the cursor will be sitting just below Option. This is where the debug menu starts. The player will be presented with a submenu when selecting the first invisible option. They can select a number from 001 to 200. When the player selects a number, they'll be taken to the battle preparation screen, and be prompted to form two parties of up to four units each. They will then fight each other at the location the player has selected. The first party is the enemy (Red), and the second is the player (Blue).

Ramza must survive condition is present during all these regular battles. The good thing about this option, it allows the player to get a good look at the locations that only appear in the cutscenes. It also includes some locations that can never be seen in a normal play through.

Event Flags[]

The Event Flags option.

Selecting the second invisible option opens up a submenu, with what seems to be ten flags which the player can assign a numerical values to.

Party Configuration[]

The Event Flags option.

The third invisible option leads to a submenu which allows the player to choose a numeral value of 000 to 511 with each containing a preset party configuration. The player can access everyone in the game, including every generic units, monsters, and non-player characters like Marcel and the Lucavis. The only side effect from using this option is that it overwrites the current party config the player previously had.

Incomplete Option 1[]

The Incomplete Option 1 option.

The fourth invisible option is incomplete and buggy, choosing this option will make a message in Japanese appear at the top of the screen, before the game freezes.

Incomplete Option 2[]

The Incomplete Option 2 option.

The fifth and last invisible option in the debug menu is also incomplete and buggy. When the player picks any of the present options, a submenu in gibberish will appear. Choosing any of the options in any of these submenus will have the same effect as selecting location 001 in the Battle Location Selector menu. It is unknown on how many options there are, but from fifth option and above, they all do the same thing.