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Main Menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy Legend III.


The Item menu.

The Item menu allows the player to view their current inventory as well as use consumables items to heal themselves and learn magic that was bought from magic shops. The Trash Can is available to discard unwanted items. Up to 24 items can be carried.


The Magic menu.

The Magic menu is initially shows has a empty window when there's no magic on the list. Up to 24 magic spells of any type can be equipped on a single character.


The Talent menu.

The Talent menu shows a characters elemental resistance and weaknesses, as well as status immunities. FFLIII Weakness.gif shows a weakness while FFLIII Strength.gif shows resistance. If a character has transformed, the first window will show the characters abilities. Only used by Beasts, Monsters, Cyborgs, and Robots. Humans or mutants have a empty window. Abilities that appears in the Talent menu are enemy abilities.


The Status menu.

The Status screen allows the player to view the current selected character's statistic such as current level, HP, MP, EXP, current condition, etc.


The Equip menu.

Each character can equip one weapon, shield, helmet, armor, gloves, shoes, and two accessories. The player can also remove all equipment from a party member, but not from those equipped by temporary party members.


The Auto menu.

The Auto menu allows the player to set character(s) on an automated function, where one or more will become an automated. When character(s) are set to Auto control, they will usually act in a manner befitting the situation.


The Save menu.

The player can save their game by selecting the Save option, up to three game files can be save. If there is already a saved game file, the player must first overwrite the existing save file with the new data by pressing the confirm button twice.