Final Fantasy Wiki

Main Menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy Legend II.

The main menu shows the party's total GP available for spending, the total MAGI collected, and each party member's current HP and maximum HP (if a character is afflicted with a status ailment that lasts after battle, that status is shown instead of maximum HP.


The Abil Menu.

Select a party member and use or rearrange its equipped items such as weapons, armor, and items as well as abilities. Each unit has eight slots for equipped items and abilities.


The Item Menu.

The player can use, rearrange, or discard unequipped items with the Trash Can found at the end of the inventory. The player can have up to 16 items in their inventory.


The Equip Menu.

Move items from the inventory to an empty slot on a character's list of active abilities, exchange one item on the list for one that is currently equipped, or remove a equipped item from a character to an empty slot on the item list.


The MAGI Menu.

The MAGI menu can be use to equip a MAGI to character(s) or use the MAGI power.


The Memo Menu.

The player can view a log of information they learned during their journey, providing them with information and valuable tips.


The Save Menu.

The game can be save here, this can be done at any time except during battle. Up to three game files can be save. If there is already a saved game file, the player must first overwrite the existing save file with the new data by pressing the confirm button twice.