Final Fantasy Wiki

Main Menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in The Final Fantasy Legend.


The Abil Menu.

This option allows the player to evaluate their character's ability. Once they select this option another screen will pop up displaying their four characters. They may then use the directional pad to scroll to one of the characters. Then press the A button to access that characters ability sub-screen.


The Item Menu.

This screen shows all the items that are carried by the party. These items are not the ones equipped by characters, but the items that the group carries. There are 8 slots available for items.


The Equip Menu.

To see weapons or armor in the item list, it doesn't mean they are equipped witt them. They must use the equip command to move any weapons, armor, or items, into the character's personal inventory. Once the items are in the desired character's inventory, they player will be able to use them in battle when needed.


The Save Menu.

The player may select this option by pressing the A button. Once they do this, another screen will appear asking them whether they want to save the game or not. Remember, once they save the game the information of the previous save is lost forever. It is a good idea to save the game as often as possible, since the party may be killed. The more often the player saves, the less backtracking they'll have to do if something goes wrong.