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The menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy VIII.

Junction Edit

FFVIII Junction Menu 1

The Junction menu.

Item Edit

Item menu FFVIII

The Item menu.

Magic Edit

FFVIII Magic Menu 1

The Magic menu.

Status Edit

FFVIII Status Menu 0

The Status screen.

GF Edit


The GF menu.

Ability Edit

Refine Menu 1

Main ability menu.

Switch Edit

FFVIII Party Select Screen

The Switch menu.

Card Edit

FFVIII Card Menu

The Card menu.

Config Edit


The Config menu.

Tutorial Edit

FFVIII TutorialMenu

The Tutorial menu.

Save Edit

FFVIII Save Menu 1

The Save menu.

Game Launcher Edit

FFVIII 2013 Main Menu Launcher

The Game Launcher main menu.

The 2013 PC re-release version has a new application launcher. From the launcher menu the player will be able to Log-in with Square Enix account or skip this step, then the player can choose to start the game, see the list of achievements, use Magic Booster feature, settings, or start playing Chocobo World mini-game.

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