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Main Menu.

The following entails the various options within the main menu and submenus of Final Fantasy VII.

Item Edit

FFVII Item Menu 1

The Item menu allows the player to view their current inventory as well as use consumables to heal themselves. In addition, the player can also view the party's current Key Items, as well as arrange their inventory by various methods, including manually.

Magic Edit

FFVII Magic Menu 1

The main Magic menu.

The Magic menu initially shows a blank window, and at the start of the game will only show the Magic submenu. As the story progresses and the player acquires more materia and spells, the Summon and Enemy Skill submenus will also appear. Here, the player can look at any spell a character may have at the particular time and see what its effects are and its MP cost.

Materia Edit

FFVII Materia Menu 1

The main Materia menu.

Equip Edit

FFVII Equip Menu

The Equip menu.

Status Edit

FFVII Status Screen 1

The main Status menu.

Order Edit

Limit Edit

FFVII Limit Menu

The Limit Menu.

Config Edit

FFVII Config

The Config menu.

PHS Edit

FFVII Party Select Screen

The PHS menu.

Save Edit

FFVII Save Menu 1

The main Save menu.

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